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The Value of Finding Requirements Defects Early

I wanted to share some thoughts about the value of finding requirements defects  before design or coding.  To a software development team it is very valuable to find defects early.  Even better still, is to prevent them altogether. Defects Arise before Coding Starts Principally we are looking at the quality [...]

Measuring Software Size

We take a have a look at the various ways of measuring software sizeThere are three common ways of measuring software size: counting lines of code , counting user stories, and counting function points.Lines of CodeLines of code is easily and automatically done by most coding tools.  There are two main values, the gross number of lines used [...]

The real cost of software requirements defects

Defects found in the phase in which they occurred are relatively inexpensive to fix, often with just a conversation between analysts or developers and the product owner. The cost of requirements defects A requirement defect not detected until after design or coding can become very expensive to fix,  many times the cost of the work it would [...]

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