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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Backlog Refining of User Stories – Automated by ScopeMaster

Refining User Stories Refining user stories is the process of improving, splitting and clarifying each user story.  The detail and clarity of each user story should be revisited.  Backlog grooming is a term that generally refers to the higher level process of prioritising user stories.  Both refinement [...]

ScopeMaster – high speed software quality

The Launch of -  a major leap forward for saving time and money on software projects  LONDON - 8 March 2018.  Available from today at, is the world's first, high-speed, software requirements analysis tool that will automatically size and find defects in written software requirements. According to the Standish group, over 40% of software projects [...]

Innovation Award Finals

ScopeMaster reaches the finals in the Buckinghamshire Business Awards for Innovation We are very proud to have been shortlisted for the finals of our local business awards in the innovation category.  We look forward to the 5th April, when the results will be announced.  If you would like to share [...]

Requirements Quality Attributes

Software Requirements Quality Requirements quality is a matter of some discussion amongst software requirements professionals.  Here are four considered views on software requirements quality, that is what makes for a good requirement or a good set of requirements. Why does requirements quality matter? It is often useful to look at things in [...]

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