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Monthly Archives: April 2023

Jira App Story Analyser – Effortless backlog estimation and QA

26th April 2023, ScopeMaster Ltd, UK announces a significant update to the Story Analyser App for Jira The Story Analyser App provides advanced analysis and insight of individual user stories and entire backlogs without having to leave Jira.  The Story Analyser is built on the same, highly-rated, software requirements analysis engine that is used by the [...]

Large Software Projects – Success

Large software projects are highly prone to delay and even failure.  For success, careful planning, effective communication, and a high level of technical expertise and focus on quality are needed to overcome many of these challenges. The Standish Chaos Report  and the CISQ group's Cost of Poor Quality Report 2022 both [...]

Rework on Software Projects

Software Rework Explained Software rework, is the consequential work that arises from altering requirements, designs, code and tests after some work has already been started.  On most software undertakings this represents 30-50% of all activity.  We generally exclude bug fixing from the category of software rework.  Rework generally describes the extra [...]

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