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It’s a real delight to see a genuine testimonial from a highly experienced IT professional such as Lonnie.

Lonnie Franks Testimonial on LinkedIn

I wrote my first commercial program in 1968 and have worked in software engineering and software engineering management most of the time since then. I joined NCR Corporation in 1980 and worked for them, becoming a Director of Engineering. Since 2000 I’ve consulted. The ScopeMaster tool was developed by Colin Hammond and is the first tool that I know of that can give a reasonably accurate Function Point Analysis of requirements. I’ve personally used the tool to analyze and groom about 400 Cosmic Function points worth of requirements. In addition to giving what I believe to be a reasonable function point estimate, it helped me find and fix about 150 defects in the requirements. This was all done in less than 16 hours. The defects ranged from ambiguous requirements to missing requirements to duplicate requirements. It works with both User Stories for Agile teams as well as software functional specifications or Use Cases for Waterfall teams