ScopeMaster Announces Synchronisation with Jira and Azure and Pivotal

4th November 2019 ScopeMaster's latest software update delivers convenient and controllable synchronisation of user stories with three of the most popular user story management tools.   Story synchronisation with Atlassian Jira Cloud, Azure Devops (Cloud) and PivotalTracker are all immediately available. This makes automated analysis for convenient and accessible for those who already have a development process based around one of these popular tools.  With this synchronisation feature, business analysts and product owners can enjoy the incredible power of automated user story analysis without disrupting the process of maintaining stories in their favourite repository. In a matter of minutes you can set up synchronisation, import and [...]

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ROI of 100x or more

Achieving an ROI of over 50% is usually considered quite good, but 100x (10,000%) is truly fantastic, and not possible, right?  Well actually it is, and you can achieve this with ScopeMaster. Here is how: ScopeMaster brings automation to a neglected aspect of software work - the requirements. Here's how: 1. Finds Defects Before Coding Right in front of your very eyes, ScopeMaster does tedious analytic work that makes software requirements writing a breeze.   As you write your software requirements (user stories), ScopeMaster is constantly checking them for you. It finds possible problems (that could later become software bugs) and makes suggestions to help you [...]

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Another first – automated sizing of user stories in Portuguese

14th October 2019 Counting function points -  Pontos de Função (PF) - is tedious clerical work that has, until now, been completely manual.  Thanks to a breakthrough this month, we can announce the forthcoming availability of automated Function Point Analysis from requirements written in Portuguese by ScopeMaster.  Why does this matter?  There are three main reasons: Knowing the size up front is very valuable.  Knowing the functional size of a piece of software before coding can lead to significant savings and efficiencies.  If you know how it big it is you can allocate just the right team size at just the right time to deliver [...]

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Perfecting the Login User Story

There is more to the login the user story than you might think.  Behind a two field entry can lie significant processing and complexity, so it's really important to spend time getting the words right.  To start with, the wording should be clear, unambiguous, consistent, concise yet also complete. There is no such thing as a perfect a user story.  There is a spectrum of quality, from bad to good.  And user story quality can be assessed against at least 10 criteria.  I investigate here a single user story relating to a common scenario - the login process - and see how we can [...]

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ScopeMaster announces a world first – functional test creation directly from requirements.

ScopeMaster announces a unique new capability - functional tests generated directly from requirements 30th July 2019,  Innovative software requirements analyser, ScopeMaster announces today that its software tool can now generate functional tests directly from written requirements - a world first. ScopeMaster is a tool for software teams, helping to solve the problems caused by inadequate work on requirements. It intelligently interprets written software story sets to identify potential problems, eliminate ambiguities and to estimate size. Now it can also generate a significant proportion of the essential positive and negative functional tests.  It does all of this in a matter of seconds, saving software teams significant time and money, leading to faster, better and significantly cheaper software. With [...]

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