UK BCS Awards – Finalist

ScopeMaster - Press Release, 21st August 2018 We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the prestigious UK British Computing Society Awards 2018 in the category of: Technology Excellence, subcategory: UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship. "This award will go to a new product or service that has delivered measurable benefit for customers, can demonstrate the potential to be an important product for customers worldwide, and has been developed by a small team in the UK. The aim of this award is specifically to recognize innovation and achievement in IT product or service development in the UK. This can be either by a startup organization, or a small [...]

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Automated Software Estimates

Software estimation is a topic of considerable discussion and frustration in many circles.  Managers want/need to know how much it will cost and how long it will take to build/deliver.  Developers typically push back on providing estimates because they are often mishandled. ScopeMaster was conceived as a tool to perform automated functional size estimates of software.  The reason I set out to write a tool to do this is because, as a software project manager, functional size is one of the single most important pieces of data, metrics that I need to manage a project successfully. Functional Size measurement (FSM), is a universal means of [...]

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More Effective PMO Stage Gates

Introduction to Stage Gates A stage gates process (also known as phase gate) is a common control mechanism associated with IT projects in corporate IT departments.  A series of conceptual checklists are defined, such that unless all of the component activities have taken place, the project may not be allowed to proceed to the next stage.  Also described here. Stage gate processes are mostly used by project managers, project management office personnel and business analysts.  Typically each stage will have a checklist that must be followed.  Projects must provide evidence of having performed certain checks, and gain approval before proceeding to the next stage or [...]

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Better User Stories in Half a Day

Learn how to write better user stories with Dr Simon Wright, and get 30 days free access to ScopeMaster for £95. Book now - Just £95 What you will learn What is a User Story? The role of User Stories in Agile software development Components and structure of a good User Story Common misunderstandings from User Stories, and how to improve precision Why User Stories matter to Agile How to write measurable User Stories and the Cosmic Functional Sizing Methodology How to use ScopeMaster to improve your User Story quality Held at the British Computer Society Offices in Covent Garden, London [...]

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BDD – to the next level

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) enhanced with ScopeMaster An overview of BDD BDD is a development methodology (and tooling) designed to improve the communication between business and software technical community, in particular it addresses the challenge of simplifying scenario testing. The foundation behind BDD is the Gherkin feature file. The feature file has a predefined structure and syntax yet can be written in clear, understandable business language.  This helps reduce the communication challenges between business and technical staff. Consider this example BDD Gherkin Feature file From Hiptest: Feature: Account Holder withdraws cash Scenario: Account has sufficient funds Given the account balance is $100 And the card [...]

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UK Government approved

04.07.18 ScopeMaster has been approved by the UK government as a listed G-Cloud 10 supplier. G-Cloud 10 is the latest round of an initiative run by the government which focuses on reducing the complexity and cost of procuring cloud services within the public sector. ScopeMaster will now be able to expand its growing market reach further, by supporting public sector organisations in increasing the effectiveness of their quality checking processes for software requirements. ScopeMaster is an innovative, cloud-hosted tool that performs automated quality assessments on user stories which can help to improve the delivery of government software projects. Colin Hammond, CEO of ScopeMaster, said that [...]

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