Achieving an ROI of over 50% is usually considered quite good, but 100x (10,000%) is truly fantastic, and not possible, right?  Well actually it is, and you can achieve this with ScopeMaster. Here is how:

ScopeMaster brings automation to a neglected aspect of software work – the requirements. Here’s how:

1. Finds Defects Before Coding

Right in front of your very eyes, ScopeMaster does tedious analytic work that makes software requirements writing a breeze.   As you write your software requirements (user stories), ScopeMaster is constantly checking them for you. It finds possible problems (that could later become software bugs) and makes suggestions to help you improve them as you go.  It does much of the tiresome cross-checking that we are often too busy to do.  Finding a requirements problem (before coding) can take as much as 4 hours to detect and resolve and usually involves several people.  Typical estimates are 2-4 hours of total effort.  ScopeMaster finds about 50% of all requirements defects in a matter of seconds, and guides you to fix them, doing about $100 for every defect found.  There’s the significant added benefit of avoiding disruption and rework if you had discovered these problems later in the development cycle.

2. Generates Functional Test Scenarios

Functional testing is an essential part of any quality assurance work on software.  Designing the tests is quite a time consuming exercise.  The requirements are studied, and then test professionals will interpret them to write the tests.  On average it costs about $40 per scenario to write the tests.  ScopeMaster will do this in seconds.

3. Estimates Size

To manage software project effectively, you will need to know it’s size, specifically it’s functional size.  Normally we do this manually by reading and analysing the requirements and then determining functional size in ISO standard COSMIC function points, CFP (or IFPUG FP).   Once you know the size, you can, as a project manager, estimate, resource and control your project with much greater certainty than using other indicators, such as engineers’ estimates of effort (i.e. story points).  It typically costs about $6-12 per CFP just to measure the size.    But it’s worthwhile, because knowing the size is worth about $100 per CFP or $400 per user story.   Knowing the size is especially helpful with outsourced development contracts and can exceed these numbers.   Determining the size is automated by ScopeMaster, saving you a significant amount of time and giving you added control to your projects.

Measures Value As it Goes

What’s more, it keeps track of the work it does for you.  So when you use ScopeMaster, you can show your boss the valuable work it is doing to help the success of your project.

Incredible ROI

ScopeMaster calculates the value of the work it performs, as it goes.

So What?

Nowadays every company is a software company.  Delivering software faster and with greater certainty is a strategic concern.  Companies that do not deliver software based innovation will fall behind.  ScopeMaster makes a big difference, especially on your larger (riskier) software projects.  It wil reduce scope volatility, reduce rework, shorten timelines, reduce risk and much more.

Can you afford to let your competitors discover the power of ScopeMaster first?

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