Independent Verification and Validation of Software Projects

IV & V stands for Independent Validation and Verification.

Definition: According to NIST IV&V is:  A comprehensive review, analysis, and testing, (software and/or hardware) performed by an objective third party to confirm (i.e., verify) that the requirements are correctly defined, and to confirm (i.e., validate) that the system correctly implements the required functionality and security requirements.

Note that it first says that the requirements must be correctly defined, then it’s about checking that the software and hardware correctly implement the requirements.

Software IV&V is work that is carried out by an independent organisation to check on the work of a software project. IV&V is a required stage on large US government software projects. Validation ensures the right software product is built, and verification ensures that it is built correctly.

Independent – of the project team, performed by a third party with no commercial biases.

Validation – assessment to check that the work that is being done matches the goals of the project. Check that the right product is being produced.

Verification – assessment to check that the work being done will actually meet the goals, does what is intended and has no unintended outcomes. Check that the product is being produced correctly, that it does what is intended and with no unintended consequences.

One of the key activities within Software IV&V is the assessment of requirements, this is expanded on here:

The European Space Agency also adopted ISV&V (independent software validation and verification) as outlined here.


Any assessment of the health of a software project (ie. independent verification and validation) starts with determining what is the desired outcome and how well is the team set up to achieve it.  Clearly defined outcomes, capabilities and requirements are essential.  ScopeMaster automates the quality assurance of these, notably the functional requirements of any software project.

Requirements Quality Report is a key deliverable of any credible independent verification and validation of a software project

If you are a provider of IV&V services, you may want to differentiate your offering from others, ScopeMaster® may help you do this:

ScopeMaster automates essential Independent verification and validation of software projects
  • Automatically tests requirements across 9 quality categories

  • Automatically sizes software in both COSMIC function points and IFPUG

  • Automatically generates test scenarios

  • Automatically generates logical data and use case models

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