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Automated Function Points

Most of what has been written about automated function point analysis is based on the premise that the code has already been written; the automation examines the code to derive the size.    Now there automated Function Points size can be derived from the requirements also. The Object Management Group established a method for automated function point [...]

Measuring Software Size

Measuring Software Size We are going to have a look at the various ways of measuring software size There are three common ways of measuring software size: counting lines of code , counting user stories, and counting function points. Lines of Code Lines of code is easily and automatically done by most coding tools.  There are two main [...]

The real cost of software requirements defects

Defects found in the phase in which they occurred are relatively inexpensive to fix, often with just a conversation between analysts or developers and the product owner. The cost of requirements defects A requirement defect not detected until after design or coding can become very expensive to fix,  many times the cost of the conversation it might [...]

Scopemaster and Agile Tools

For a one-off quality check, you can export from any one of these tools as a csv and import directly into Scopemaster to get your quality report.  You can work interactively from there and/or import the improved stories back into your favourite tool below: Jira : From most screens you can export as CSV (Issue Id, Issue Key, [...]


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