What is Automated Function Point Counting

Function Point Counting, or functional sizing is the technique of determining the size of a piece of software by assessing the functionality from a user perspective and by mapping this to data movements.  ScopeMaster has been designed from the ground up for automated function point counting.

COSMIC Sizing, Automated

ScopeMaster is the first and most accurate, automated sizing technology, that sizes software from written requirements.  It is dramatically faster and more thorough than humans performing the same sizing analysis work.  ScopeMaster® can reliably estimate COSMIC function points from written requirements to within 15% of a manual count.  Further refinement with ScopeMaster can lead to a precise COSMIC size measurement.

IFPUG Sizing, Automated

ScopeMaster is also able to estimate IFPUG function points.  IFPUG was the first functional sizing methodology that was invented in the 1970’s and is the forerunner to COSMIC sizing.  IFPUG tends to be less precise on Agile projects, where all requirements are not known up front, compared with COSMIC, so we usually recommend the latter.

Automated function point counting with ScopeMaster

ScopeMaster detects data movements across all user stories to determine the functional size of them.  This avoids the need time consuming (and unproductive) sizing discussions.