Suggested Class Diagram – autogenerated

From backlog to class diagram in seconds!

A class diagram is one of the most important artefacts of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for object-oriented development.  It is a structure diagram that shows the system’s object types or classes, their attributes and methods.   An essential aspect of building object-oriented software, is organising data groups into user recognisable objects, grouping them with their attributes and methods to create a diagram.

Each class “block” consists of three parts: a class name, attributes and methods (or operations).

ScopeMaster analyses the text of your functional software requirements and determines a likely high level class diagram. This can save developers a significant amount of time when they need to go from written requirements to a design model for the software.

Early and rapid insight for designers

ScopeMaster can automatically determine the following:

  1. Class Names are automatically detected
  2. Class Methods are automatically suggested
  3. Occurrences of class methods (across the set of requirements) are listed
  4. Functional size of all of the methods for each class.

Comprehensive class diagrams will also show attributes and relationships between objects.  ScopeMaster is unable to go to that level of detail and does not suggest attributes or associations between the classes.

Wherever an object type is mentioned within a set of user stories (or functional requirements), ScopeMaster will suggest a verb object pairing that indicates a potential object method.  Whilst the suggested class diagram is not necessarily “development ready”.  ScopeMaster’s suggested analysis of the classes and methods helps bridge the communication gap between requirements author and developer.

Class Diagram auto-generated by ScopeMaster

By scanning the language of software requirements, ScopeMaster can suggest an object oriented Class Diagram with associated methods.

Bridging the gap from user stories to design

ScopeMaster® will generate a suggested class diagram with class names and method names.  It is unable to detect or suggest the object’s attributes or its relationships.  You can optionally define attributes for each object.

Accelerate design thinking

If you are looking for a class diagram maker, class diagram creator, start with ScopeMaster, let it do the hard work for you.