Auto-suggested Data Model

ScopeMaster analyses the text of your functional user stories (or software requirements) .  It detects and suggest the most likely data model.  It finds the common users and and objects and then conveniently allows you to confirm confirm or correct any mistakes.  This is how ScopeMaster speeds up consistency checking.   ScopeMaster allows you to accept or modify its suggestions – leaving you always in control of your user stories.  The result is better quality user stories and consistent terminology.

By analysing and cross-referencing the terminology across a set of user stories, rather than individual ones,  ScopeMaster is able to dynamically detect and propose the most likely user names and object names across a set of stories (or requirements).  User and object detection is a core part of the analysis engine, it runs every time a requirement is added to a set or changed.  Note that ScopeMaster is designed to work at a level of granularity that does not include (at this time) data attributes.

It’s not just about the objects, but the user personas too!  ScopeMaster detects the probable user personas and allows you to refine the wording to make these fully consistent across a set of user stories.  Once you have reviewed and confirmed/corrected the suggestions you have created a re-usable data model.

Data Model

By scanning the language of software requirements, ScopeMaster can detect and propose your data model.

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