New - Kanban with ScopeMaster shows Quality and Size of user stories before you work on them

What is Kanban?

Kanban is a popular way of visualising and organising work.  Work items are recorded on cards and placed in columns.  Working from left to right, cards are moved from the left to the right as they are shortlisted for working on, and eventually completed.  Kanban is a very suitable way of organising work by software teams and in particular agile and DevOps work tool.  Kanban is aligned with status.  ScopeMaster allows you to customise the Kanban flow and status flags that you use in your project.

Visualising Readiness

Only with ScopeMaster will your Kanban show you instantly if your work items are ready.   Having analysed and quality assured your stories,  ScopeMaster displays these attributes on the  Kanban board.   You get instant insight into the readiness of work to be moved from left to right.  The  symbols for Quality and Size allow the team to visualise, plan and monitor software work more effectively with ScopeMaster than with any other Kanban tool.

Kanban Cards showing COSMIC function point size and Quality score
Managing your WIP in Kanban

WIP Limits and Monitoring

WIP is work in progress, it’s the items your team is actively working on.  In software it is important to limit the size of WIP in order to allow the team to focus on doing high quality work.  You want to avoid transferring too much work into the “in progress” column otherwise quality may be compromised.  Uniquely ScopeMaster shows the size of the entire Kanban column.  You can see the functional size and quality before you even transfer the work into WIP.   Furthermore, the size display on each column can help you monitor the flow of work so you can see how you are progressing without the need for burn down charts.

Customise your Flow

Don’t be stuck with arbitrary status flags, define your own.  Change them at any time.  It couldn’t be easier.

Define your Kanban status values

Knowledge of size and quality are essential for effective work planning.  This is only possible with ScopeMaster as it is the only tool for software teams that automatically analyses the user stories for quality and size.