Works for Any Development Team

The REST API allows the benefits of ScopeMaster to be enjoyed by any software development team.  It can be integrated right into the existing processes and tools regardless of the tools being used.  e.g. If you are using Jira Data Center on premise, and you want to integrate automated requirements analysis into your team’s flow, this can be achieved easily via the API.

Automated Analysis for DevOps

The ScopeMaster REST API is already being used by tool providers to incorporate the benefits of ScopeMaster Analysis to enrich the value of their propositions:

Well Documented

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the API follows popular conventions, is easy to use and is well-documented.  Comprehensive Documentation can be found at

Automatically tests a set of user stories to find potential defect totals

ScopeMaster maintains a quality score of your entire set of requirements based largely on CRUD adherence.

The Capabilities of the API

Send requirements to ScopeMaster via the API and retrieve the detailed analysis in reply including

  • Interpreted functional intent
  • Functional size
  • Quality Score
  • Suggested test scenarios

Example response from putting a user story into ScopeMaster:

REST API Example Screenshot