Simulink Sizer

ScopeMaster has introduced Simulink Sizer, a tool that automatically sizes Simulink designs. ScopeMaster will analyse the Simulink SLX file and report on the estimated functional size in ISO standard COSMIC Function Points.

Embedded Software Sizing

Many embedded software systems are designed using Simulink® from Mathworks. This tool allows embedded software designers to design and simulate their software systems before coding – all using model-based system design.

The Benefits of Knowing the Size

Knowing the functional size of software system before it is written is a very valuable means to plan and manage the work of software acquisition. It will allow you to:

  • Plan more efficiently
  • Budget more accurately
  • Benchmark vendors
  • Monitor vendor progress

View the press release:

Announcement about Simulink Embedded system sizing feature released by ScopeMaster

Simulink® System Size Estimation, Automated

Simulink, embedded system sizing, automated by ScopeMaster

ScopeMaster analyses the system within the Simulink® SLX file. It detects the data movements from within each design component and follows the COSMIC guidelines for size estimation.

Example Use Cases

Most organisations that commission embedded software will use SLOC (source line of code count) as a pseudo estimate of size, or in many cases, use no size measurement at all. This makes it very difficult to plan, resource and manage the software acquisition. ScopeMaster’s Simulink Sizer is useful if you use Simulink to design systems and you wish :

  • now if you are paying a fair price
  • know how long it should take to develop the solution
  • know if you are paying a fair price for development
  • compare RFP responses for outsourced development.


The Simulink Sizer runs on ScopeMaster which performs the analysis in the cloud, however the tool has been designed so that your design data is not stored in the cloud, not even temporarily.

From Estimate to Measurement

At this time the Simulink Sizer will provide a size estimate of the approximate CFP of your design.

Simulink® is a registered trademark of MathWorks Inc.