Auto-generated Use Case Model Diagram

ScopeMaster generates use case model diagrams dynamically from the text analysis of the requirements.   This diagram visually reveals insight and relationships that are impossible to spot when looking at a board full of user story cards.

The use case model diagram is one of the most useful artefacts for understanding the relationship between users and objects.

This dynamically generated diagram can reveal:

  1. Size – total size of the application
  2. Completeness – of requirements
  3. Complexity – of requirements
  4. Consistency – of object names
  5. Duplication – of users, functions and user-object interactions
  6. User-oriented – highlighting requirements that are not user-centric

For those of us who think visually, being able to see the relationship between users and objects visually can bring a load of text to life. ScopeMaster® also allows you to click on a user to select only that functionality involving that user.  This is a great way to validate that you have the correct (and complete) requirements for that user.  You can also click on an object to highlight just those user stories that involve an object.

Visualise a Set of User Stories

This type of diagram, a form of use case diagram is a very valuable illustration of your requirements, it accelerates quality communication and exposes.  You can use this diagram to

  • Discover problems with your user stories
  • Assist the conversations with user representations (click on a user to filter the stories by that role).
  • Ensure that there is a user role identified in each user story.
  • Spot complex requirements so that they can receive the extra attention needed to minimise potential defects.

All of this can help you accelerate the raising of quality of your requirements and improving the communication between product owner and team.

By examining software requirements, ScopeMaster can detect users and their relationship with objects.

Class Diagram autogenerated by ScopeMaster

Filtered by user role

use case model diagram filtered by user
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