Story Analyser for Jira

The Story Analyser for Jira is an app designed specifically for Jira users that exposes the incredible power and value of the ScopeMaster engine, without needing to leave the Jira experience.   Without leaving Jira, you can have your stories analysed and tested effortlessly.  With the Story Analyser App stimulates critical thinking about your user stories, so you enter each sprint with higher quality stories. 

In just a few minutes you can be running hundreds of tests and getting instant feedback on the quality of your user stories.  Story Analyser for Jira will do much of the hard analysis work, checking, cross-referencing and even sizing your user stories before you have even started writing code.

Right inside Jira

Jira Plugin analyse now button

When you click Analyse:

  • ScopeMaster detects the functional intent,
  • estimates the story size in ISO standard COSMIC function points,
  • performs hundreds of tests,
  • identifies potential problems
  • generates baseline functional tests

Fully Automated Analysis

ScopeMaster® reads each word of your user stories to detect functional meaning.

This enables it to perform reliable functional size estimation in ISO standard, COSMIC and IFPUG function points.   A world first!

Story Analyser reads interprets, tests, cross-references and sizes your user stories.

CRUD Matrix – automated

ScopeMaster® Story Analyser for Jira now automatically generates the CRUD matrix so you can discover those (potentially) missing user stories.

Story Analyser automatically generates the CRUD Matrix - saving you time in discovering missing and duplicated stories
Story Analyser reads interprets, tests, cross-references and sizes your user stories.

Ultimate in Shift Left Testing

Early testing of user stories by ScopeMaster reduces wasted effort on all software endeavours.  Because it performs hundreds of dynamic tests and in some cases thousands of dynamic tests on each user story, it drives quality early.  It checks for  adherence to 9 quality attributes including consistency, clarity, duplications and even finds missing stories.

  • reduces rework
  • reduces risk
  • improves quality
  • reduces effort
  • improves test coverage

Expect to achieve at least 5% effort reduction on development AND 5% shorter schedules, and an ROI of 10x or better.

Ask your Jira Cloud administrator to:

    1. Install the app from the Jira marketplace (3 minutes)
    2. Enable it for your project (1 minute) :Select the project for which you wan to enable the ScopeMaster Story Validator

Total time to get up and running 4 minutes!

You then have a hard-working story analyser doing great QA work, help you to write better user stories – fixing potential bugs before the coding has even started.

A free trial is available for all users of the Story Analyser

The Story Analyser for Jira app gives you most of the ScopeMaster features without leaving the Jira.  A subscription to the Jira App includes access to ScopeMaster directly.

Our data security approach takes each of our customers’ security requirements into consideration:

Build Security In

We don’t look at security as a destination to reach — it’s an ongoing journey. We continually strive to improve our software development and internal operational processes with the aim of increasing the security of our software and services.


ScopeMaster (including the JIRA app) Cloud security architecture is designed with consideration of a broad range of industry standards and frameworks and in tandem with our internal threat modeling process. It’s designed to balance the need for flexibility with the need for effective controls to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customers’ data.


We have strict controls with a focus on the sanctity of the “production” environment

Traditional network security theory separates the world into “inside“ and “outside” and focuses on the control points between the two areas. We maintain strict control between our internal networks and the internet, focussing on the delineation between our “production” and “non-production” environments.


STRIDE is an acronym for a common set of security concerns: Spoofing, Tampering, Reputation, Information Disclosure, Denial of Service, and Elevation of Privilege.  This is the fundamental basis for designing security into our application.

Access to Customer Data

Within our SaaS platform, we treat all customer data as equally sensitive and have implemented stringent controls governing this data.

Support Access

Our support teams will only access customer data when necessary to resolve an open ticket.


We appreciate our customers’ concerns about privacy – and we understand that these concerns are probably the same concerns we ourselves have when using SaaS-based applications.


As of  3rd April 2019 the Story Analyser for Jira is fully GDPR compliant.  i.e. no personally identifiable data is stored.

ScopeMaster Analyser for Jira Cloud pricing is available here, and includes 1 credit per user per month.

Alternative Options for Jira Users

ScopeMaster can link with Jira in different ways,  find that way that suits you.   If you are a Jira cloud user, we recommend the App from the Jira Mareketplace.

Integration Option Details Works with
Story Analyser for Jira Cloud Most of the benefits of ScopeMaster without having to leave Jira Jira Cloud only
ScopeMaster’s built-in Synchronsizer Control the synchronisation of user stories between ScopeMaster and Jira, project by project. Jira Cloud, Azure Devops and Pivotal Tracker
CSV import/export ScopeMaster allows for convenient import and export via CSV Any tool that can handle CSV files.
Third party integration tools Use tools such as ConnectAll to manage and tune the synchronisation between ScopeMaster an your requirements repository Any tool that has a REST API including Jira Server and Jira Data Center
Create your own with the ScopeMaster REST API Create a custom integration including embedding ScopeMaster into a CI/CD routine. Any tool that has a REST API including Jira Server and Jira Data Center