14th October 2019

Counting function points –  Pontos de Função (PF) – is tedious clerical work that has, until now, been completely manual.  Thanks to a breakthrough this month, we can announce the forthcoming availability of automated Function Point Analysis from requirements written in Portuguese by ScopeMaster.  Why does this matter?  There are three main reasons:

  1. Knowing the size up front is very valuable.  Knowing the functional size of a piece of software before coding can lead to significant savings and efficiencies.  If you know how it big it is you can allocate just the right team size at just the right time to deliver quickly and to quality.
  2. Knowing the size allows you to manage progress . Productivity, quality, resources and schedule can all be managed using Function Points.
  3. The Brazilian government encourages FP based metrics.  It issued guidelines IN04 /2008 encouraging the use of function points on government software contracts.

ScopeMaster estimates functional size in both ISO standards: COSMIC and IFPUG.