16th July 2019, Marlow, England.

ScopeMaster, the world’s first analyser of software requirements adds features to make the work of software business analysts, product owners and development teams more enjoyable.

We all know that writing good software requirements (and Agile user stories)  leads to better coding and shorter project timelines, but it’s not that easy.  Writing good requirements is hard, painstaking and in some cases tedious work.   The folks at ScopeMaster have now managed to make this more fun with their latest release by introducing quality measures and goals so that the analyst can achieve good quality requirements every time.

ScopeMaster uses artificial intelligence to read the text and identify potential defects in software requirements.  This accelerates the work to develop better user stories (typically 20x faster).   Independent measures have shown that ScopeMaster is able to find over 50% of all potential requirements defects across seven different types of defect.   This all leads to better, clearer requirements, less rework and a happier development team.

The new features of ScopeMaster introduce a level of gamification into the process of refining requirements.  What was once rather tedious is now fun.   Business analysts, who are the main authors of software requirements can now look forward to having a bit of fun as they do the hard work of creating a set of good quality software development requirements.

ScopeMaster is an editor and analyser combined, that leads the author to create clearer, more complete, more concise and consistent requirements.  Better requirements leads to less confusion, avoiding later problems of communication between requirements analysts and software developers and testers.

As it analyses the requirements for defects, ScopeMaster also measures their (functional) size, leading to more reliable project estimates.  And it does all of this very quickly.  Quality work on requirements that previously took hours or days now takes only seconds or minutes.  This order of magnitude increase in productivity could lead to a disruption of the software development industry.  Where no longer are estimates based solely on developer’s opinions but are guided by sound engineering metrics.

At last there is no excuse for a software project to suffer with poor requirements or poor estimates.  ScopeMaster solves both of these problems at once.  ScopeMaster is available for a  free trial, just sign-up,  add some requirements and start having fun whilst doing really great work.