Monday 2nd December, 2019

ScopeMaster Ltd, Marlow UK announces the availability of a new REST API.  This represents a breakthrough for DevOps and Agile teams who appreciate the merit of early testing.  It is common practice these days for developers to test code early, but ScopeMaster takes this practice one step further by testing the requirements BEFORE the coding even starts.

Analysing and testing requirements automatically is a new phenomenon and a very worthwhile activity.

Often software work suffers from poor or incomplete requirements, leading to rework and delays.  ScopeMaster’s tuned analysis engine helps software teams find and fix bugs before coding even begins, and so shortens timelines.

ScopeMaster is a SAAS tool for software development product owners, business analysts and requirements engineers.  It is the only requirements analyser on the market and seeks to help teams to deliver software faster, better and cheaper by automating much of the time-consuming and tedious work around requirements.

This API will enable software development teams synchronise user story text between their existing project tools .  The API exposes the power of automated requirements analysis to development teams and enables requirements analysis results to be incorporated into existing tools and processes of Agile and Devops teams with minimal disruption.

Project and Portfolio reporting can now include requirements quality and sizing data directly from ScopeMaster.  This gives software leaders greater visibility of the end-to-end feasibility and readiness of their software projects at a portfolio level.

In addition to bringing early QA, the API also exposes ISO standard functional size estimates and a traceable set of functional test scripts.

ScopeMaster is the brainchild of Colin Hammond, a seasoned software developer/manager.   The analysis engine includes layers of language processing based on proven research and best practice requirements engineering work.  ScopeMaster uses a branch of AI to perform sophisticated requirements analysis in seconds that would otherwise take hours manually.

ScopeMaster is sold in credit bundles at a rate that represents incredible value for money, delivering a 100x return on investment and 20x productivity increase over manual requirements analysis work.

ScopeMaster is available as a free trial from