ScopeMaster announces a unique new capability – functional tests generated directly from requirements

30th July 2019,  Innovative software requirements analyser, ScopeMaster announces today that its software tool can now generate functional tests directly from written requirements – a world first.

ScopeMaster is a tool for software teams, helping to solve the problems caused by inadequate work on requirements. It intelligently interprets written software story sets to identify potential problems, eliminate ambiguities and to estimate size. Now it can also generate a significant proportion of the essential positive and negative functional tests.  It does all of this in a matter of seconds, saving software teams significant time and money, leading to faster, better and significantly cheaper software.

With an ever greater demand and dependency upon software, rapid high quality development is crucial.  Functional testing is an essential aspect of software quality assurance and takes place in all software projects.  It involves following a series of  tests and checks of the newly developed software.  Testers typically write such scripts by hand while the software is developed and subsequently test against them to ensure that the software works correctly.  Functional tests are performed to check that the code does what it should (positive tests) and that it doesn’t do what it shouldn’t (negative tests).  Functional testing often absorbs 20%-40% of the total time and effort of the project.  Designing functional tests typically costs about 1 – 3% of the total cost of development (circa $4Bn each year to US organisations).  Now with the help of ScopeMaster, much of this cost can be reduced and the work done faster.

Reduce Risk – Health and Safety Critical Software

If you are involved with DO-178 , the avionics standard for requirements traceability, this feature os ScopeMaster may help you identify potential missing test cases.  Similarly NQA-1 in the nuclear industry and ISO 26262 ASIL (Automotive Integrity Safety Level) for the automative industry. Finding missing tests, missing requirements can be like seeking a needle in a haystack. Why not let automation help you.  Rather like a detective, it may or may not find something critical, but it’s sure worth a try.

If ScopeMaster finds just one or two potential missing requirements or missing test scenarios, then it may have solved a big problem.


About ScopeMaster

ScopeMaster is the brainchild of Colin Hammond and a team of software industry veterans  who, with collectively over 1000 projects, understand the challenges of large-scale software.  Unlike any other software development tool, it uses AI to understand the meaning of the text of requirements or agile user stories.  By so doing, it helps teams improve the quality of their requirements early and to ensure that they are adequately checked. Driving quality into software work as early as possible is a practice known as “shift-left testing”. Until today, automation of requirements analysis has been a thoroughly neglected area of the software development arena. Now with ScopeMaster teams can achieve higher quality and greater certainty even before the first line of code is written with “the ultimate in shift-left testing”.

ScopeMaster is the world’s first analyser of software requirements and it brings three key benefits to software teams:

  • Better quality requirements – it helps you find and fix defects before coding,
  • Reliable size estimates using ISO standard metrics, for greater predictability; and now it also
  • Auto-generates functional test cases.

Combining these three benefits can help organisations reduce software project effort by up to 25% and simultaneously reduce the risk of project overruns and failures.

ScopeMaster’s ability to estimate functional size helps reduce software costs with more accurate estimates.  This has recently caught the attention of the world’s largest buyer of software, the US government.

The bigger picture

Nowadays, organisations rely on rapid software innovation to remain competitive.  The organisations across all sectors that successfully implement high quality software innovations are more likely to succeed over their competitors.  With ScopeMaster higher quality software can be achieved faster than ever before.

Test drive

You can try ScopeMaster for free for 7 days and test your organisation’s user stories and experience “the ultimate in shift-left testing”.

ScopeMaster Ltd is a technology start-up based in Marlow, UK, whose goal is to help organisations achieve faster, better, cheaper software development through the use of proven techniques including the innovative ScopeMaster tool.  Visit to find out more.