ScopeMaster Hyperautomates Software Requirements Analysis in French, German and Dutch

4th March 2020, Marlow UK.  Scopemaster Ltd announces it has successfully automated the analysis of  software user stories  (written software requirements) in French, German and Dutch.

ScopeMaster is a tool for teams who are defining software specifications and for agile product owners.  ScopeMaster is a SaaS analyser of requirements that brings AI (Natural Language Processing) to the work of requirements analysis.  It helps companies improve their requirements significantly faster than doing so manually (as much as 20 times faster).  Gartner refers to the work being done by ScopeMaster as hyperautomation.  This ground breaking text analyser is able to drive the quality assurance of software work right back to the requirements themselves.

Since ScopeMaster was launched in 2018 it has been analysing user stories written in English. In 2019 they added Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.  With today’s announcement ScopeMaster can now start to provide this exceptional level of early analysis, quality assurance and automated size estimation for companies who use German, Dutch and French as their primary language.

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