Canadian Government turns to ScopeMaster for Improved requirements
Marlow, UK. December 6, 2021

Canadian Treasury Seeks Project Certainty with ScopeMaster

The Canadian Treasury Secretariat are working on a large implementation of IBM’s Cúram software and they have turned to ScopeMaster® (intelligent requirements analyser) to help improve the quality and sizing of requirements for this project.  Better requirements will reduce potential mistakes and give greater certainty to the rollout of the new government administration and engagement capabilities.

The Need for Quality Requirements

The project team is working on configuring complex rules in Curam to support social engagement.  These rules must be implemented correctly to avoid mishandling of cases.  Clear, concise, unambiguous requirements are essential.  Using ScopeMaster’s powerful requirements analysis engine, the Canadian treasury team is looking to achieve higher level’s of requirements quality.

AI-Powered Requirements Analysis – for quality and sizing

ScopeMaster is a revolutionary new tool for software requirements analysts.  It uses natural language processing (NLP) a branch of Artificial Intelligence, to interpret software requirements.  It then performs other valuable tests and analysis on the requirements, work that was hitherto was only possible through tedious manual work.

ScopeMaster helps business analysts help achieve higher levels of requirements quality many times faster than can be achieved manually.   ScopeMaster automatically tests many aspects of the requirements, so that a high quality specification can be created with less effort and early in the software lifecycle.  ScopeMaster also automatically estimates functional size in COSMIC Function Points , which is a reliable and consistent means of estimating.

Knowing the functional size can help project leaders to raise predictability (in terms of amount of work, effort, cost and timelines).  Functional size is also useful in planning adequate testing.

Reducing the risk of mistakes on Large Software Projects

Large software projects are the most prone to failure, one of the many causes of problems on large projects lies with the requirements.  Preparing quality requirements can be tedious, time consuming and is often overlooked.  Unless the requirements are right, the wrong software solution is likely to be delivered.  In many cases, the cost of a mistake can be very significant.

About Cúram

Cúram is a powerful social programme management (SPM) suite from IBM.  It offers configurable solutions for government departments providing services to their communities.

About ScopeMaster

ScopeMaster is a revolutionary SaaS tool created by software project assurance experts to improve project certainty.  Scopemaster Ltd is based in Marlow, UK.