ScopeMaster Ltd, raises £140k from private angel investors to help organisations improve software success with their AI analyser of software requirements.

ScopeMaster is also the name of their principal product, a software tool that automatically detects meaning from within written software requirements. By doing so it detects potential problems or bugs, before coding is even started.

ScopeMaster Ltd CEO, Colin Hammond is delighted to be able to forge ahead with plans to extend the capability of the tool as well as the ability to reach more organisations. “In addition to funding, these investors bring a great depth of knowledge and experience that will be invaluable to us.”

ScopeMaster is a hosted, software as a service SAAS, online tool that analyses software requirements (user stories) in order to detect problems early. ScopeMaster also estimates the size of the software using the ISO standard COSMIC functional sizing methodology. Colin describes ScopeMaster as the “ultimate in shift-left testing”.

Colin forecasts a typical customer benefit of hundreds even thousands of hours of time saved on most software projects mainly due to the early defect detection and the minimisation of rework.

ScopeMaster can do the work in seconds that it would normally take a team hours to do. It requires no setup or configuration, just add the user stories and see the results.

ScopeMaster Ltd is a private company based in Marlow, UK.  23rd November 2018