Notorious for costly delays, large software projects cost billions of dollars more than they should. ScopeMaster’s upgrade today delivers more predictability and transparency for executives.

ScopeMaster Ltd is a new company with a unique and carefully-researched approach to solving the problems of large software project delays, cost overruns and failures. ScopeMaster uses AI to analyse and measure software requirements. Today, ScopeMaster Ltd announces the availability of an enhancement that brings even greater predictability to software projects cost, and schedules.

Reliable Software Development Estimates

The new capability can help CIOs, software project managers and bid managers estimate projects faster. It is now possible to reduce the time and effort it takes to reach reliable development estimates, from weeks to minutes; savings days or even weeks of discussion.

Estimates can be calibrated based on the prior performance of any development group. This enables project leaders to obtain reliable estimates in just a few minutes, previously this might have taken weeks.

This means that executives can make much better informed management decisions, sooner.

This upgrade also enables managers to benchmark the productivity of any development team. This brings greater visibility to the development and testing capabilities of a team and enables managers to make better informed decisions regarding matters such as workload allocation and training plans

Benchmarking Software Productivity

Benchmarking Productivity

Outsourced Development Contracts Transparency

When used on outsourced development projects, ScopeMaster now gives greater transparency and accuracy during any engagement. This allows for better budget planning, better fund allocation and better informed bid selection.

Automated Early Quality and Sizing

If you are new to ScopeMaster, here’s a quick recap. It’s a hosted web application that analyses the text of your software requirements or user stories. It instantly identifies potential defects in your requirements (i.e. tests before coding even starts). Simultaneously it derives standard software size estimates. It does all of this by detecting the functional intent of the requirements and then cross referencing all the details. The result is rapid improvement in the quality of the requirements. In fact, using ScopeMaster is probably the most productive way of improving quality on software project.

Five common problems addressed

ScopeMaster uniquely addresses five key challenges that face software project managers: automated requirements analysis, requirements QA, project sizing, development benchmarking and cost estimation.