Embedded Systems are Growing

Simulink is a leading tool for developing embedded software systems.  Modern society is familiar with seeing embedded software in hundreds of devices we use on a daily basis.  As we add more and more sophistication to embedded systems in these devices, understanding size becomes critical. Knowledge of software size becomes of increasing importance.

Vehicle Systems are Growing

Cars, Trucks, Buses, Trains and Heavy vehicles are growing in sophistication with rapidly increasing amounts of software.  Most of that software is designed and simulated in tools such as Simulink.

Better Cost Control

Knowing the size is a great foundation for controlling costs (and schedules for delivering the software).  When system design is outsourced, having a strong understanding of the size of that software can help manufacturers understand the expected cost and schedule.

Better ScopeManagement

Using knowledge of size, managers can assess the size, and therefore costs, of adding additional capabilities into systems.

ScopeMaster Automates Simulink Sizing

By automating the analysis of Simulink Designs,  ScopeMaster® is able to estimate the functional size of a design in ISO standard COSMIC Function Points.

Embedded Systems Everywhere

ScopeMaster® now helps the creators of any type of embedded system created by Simulink to determine a size estimate automatically.

Simulink® is a registered trademark of Mathworks.  ScopeMaster® is a reigstered trademark of Scopemaster Ltd.