4th November 2019

ScopeMaster’s latest software update delivers convenient and controllable synchronisation of user stories with three of the most popular user story management tools.   Story synchronisation with Atlassian Jira Cloud, Azure Devops (Cloud) and PivotalTracker are all immediately available.

This makes automated analysis for convenient and accessible for those who already have a development process based around one of these popular tools.  With this synchronisation feature, business analysts and product owners can enjoy the incredible power of automated user story analysis without disrupting the process of maintaining stories in their favourite repository.

In a matter of minutes you can set up synchronisation, import and analyse your user stories in ScopeMaster and the send the refinements back to Jira/Azure/Pivotal.  ScopeMaster does in seconds what would normally take hours.  Giving you productivity gains of 10x or more and an ROI of over 100x.

This update helps the millions of user stories that are stored in Azure and Jira to benefit from ScopeMaster’s automated analysis engine.

About ScopeMaster™

ScopeMaster™ is the first automation of software requirements analysis available.  It examines the text of software requirements in great detail automatically to help software projects get off to a good start.  Developed by Colin Hammond, ScopeMaster™ uses natural language processing (a branch of AI) and many other algorithms to analyze and interpret requirements or Agile user stories. It can find problems before coding has even begun. It accelerates the speed of writing high-quality software specifications. It also determines functional size and generates functional test scenarios.

All in all it delivers productivity gains of over 10x on manual analysis work and delivers and ROI of 100x or more.

Start your free trial of ScopeMaster today and increase the productivity of your requirements work ten-fold.

ScopeMaster Ltd is based in Marlow, UK and delivers a SAAS tool for software requirements analysis, estimation and QA.  ScopeMaster also offers consulting around project assessment and assurance.