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All of our professional services are based on delivering value through using ScopeMaster.  If you want the benefits but haven’t got the time to learn how to drive it yourself, we can help.

In order to help you become more successful with your software projects, we offer a range of professional services around the use of ScopeMaster

  • Training
  • Consultancy – specific project / process improvement
    • Early risk value analysis
    • Project Assessment / health check
    • Rapid requirements quality assessment
    • Requirements quality improvement
    • Requirements quality assurance
    • Independent requirements validation
    • Software size estimation
  • Consultancy – portfolio analysis
    • Software Benchmarking
    • Competitive analysis
    • Legacy software replacement assessment
    • Software Portfolio analysis
    • Legislative change analysis
  • Consultancy – Other
    • Software vendor assessment
    • Outsource software assessment
    • Litigation work
    • Venture Capital analysis
    • Cancelled projects assessment
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Taming software requirements and bringing certainty to software development.

Interpreting software requirements