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Things don’t always go to plan on software projects.

Your software project is not going as you had hoped and you would like an independent project assessment.   Maybe you are struggling to keep it on track, or maybe you’d just like an independent opinion.  If there are problems, it’s important to catch them early, you’ll save a lot of wasted time and effort by doing a project assessment early rather than face bigger problems later.

Our highly experienced project assurance experts will perform a rapid deep dive (and of course use ScopeMaster to do this efficiently) to give you the tips and guidance to ensure your project can succeed.

Short Assessment

This undertaking will take five days in which we will assess the state of your project requirements (or user stories) using ScopeMaster.  We will interview the project manager and two other key stakeholders to get an overall assessment of resources, schedule and risks.  Our highly experienced software project consultants  will then deliver a detailed report on your software requirements with an independent, high level observations and recommendations regarding resources, plans and risks.

Cost:  $5,000.


Full Assessment

This undertaking will take approximately four weeks, after which we will provide a detailed assessment of scope, quality, architecture, team, processes, tools, skills and risks.  We will also provide specific feedback and recommendations for improving the likelihood of success with  your project.

Cost:  $60,000


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