Large software projects are prone to delay, failure and going over budget.  Are you frustrated by budget-hogging and and delayed software projects?  Find out how we are taming this problem.

Using ScopeMaster, your software projects will be delivered faster.  This is because the requirements start off in better shape, there will be less scope change and less redundant work performed on duplicate and ambiguous requirements.  Typical time saving is 10-20%.

With more complete, better quality requirements at the outset, and automated sizing using proper engineering metrics, you can benefit from more accurate estimates earlier..

By addressing the root cause of many delays on large projects, requirements quality, ScopeMaster can reduce the probability of delays on your project.

With better requirements from the start, you can have greater confidence that your software projects will be delivered on time and on budget.

By having more refined requirements early, there will be less effort spent revisiting functionality and so less rework throughout the project. Expect a 10-30% reduction of total effort spent on rework and retesting.

“Just a few more bugs to fix..can we have some more money?”

We know that large software projects regularly need more funds and more time than originally estimated. This is commonplace. If you suffer from this in your organisation, and you would like to do something about it, read on.

The most common root cause of poor quality and poor estimates on large software projects is the quality and completeness of requirements. We have spent careers examining this problem and have now automated much of the requirements analysis, Q.A. and measurement work, all of which has hitherto been manually intensive and error-prone.

Getting good quality requirements at the start, can make a profound difference to your project success. Rework on agile projects is prevalent, with ScopeMaster your teams can reduce rework from 40% to 10% of total effort. Overall you can look forward to seeing 20% – 30% saving in development costs and shorter timelines and reduce the number of projects that keep coming back for more funds.

Amazingly, the benefits can be achieved in just a few days on most projects. ScopeMaster can help projects that are in progress as well as those that have already started.

If you would like to know more we’ll be pleased to show you and your team (without getting all technical).  You can expect faster, better, cheaper software with ScopeMaster.

CIO, Chief Information Officer