Software Project Assurance

when will it be finished?

You are facing a large software project and are seeking to provide project assurance or de-risking.  ScopeMaster provides a unique project assurance ingredient.  At high speed, it can determine size and quality of requirements.

Project assurance tooling

Requirements Analysed

Automated requirements quality assurance exposes problems early.

Rapid, Reliable Estimates

Analyse 500

ScopeMaster performs detailed requirements analysis and size estimation on your backlog to expose problems early.

20 minutes

And a quality report too.

Assurance of quality and size

De-risking the delivery.

Project managers are responsible for identifying and reducing risk on their projects.  Some of the major project risks that can be traced back to project failures include:

  • Scope incompleteness
  • Scope volatility
  • Requirements misalignment to user recognisable value
  • Poor requirements quality
  • Poor estimation (that leads to poor resourcing and poor scheduling).

All of these risks can be partially or completely exposed by and resolved by ScopeMaster.

If software project assurance is a matter you are looking to solve, there is no better place to start than with automated requirements analysis.