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Monthly Archives: September 2023

5 star reviews

Reviews by Professor of Software Engineering, Sylvie Trudel and James Walker Phd, CTO of Curiosity software have both used and given ScopeMaster 5 star reviews. Another unsolicited 5 star review.  This one by Thomas Naylor, Founder of Hifo More 5 star reviews, including one from [...]

Digital Transformation Project Sizing and Assurance

Working closely with the Canadian Treasury's cost assurance department, we used ScopeMaster® to provide insight for their cost estimation and planning of a major HR applications consolidation programme. A backlog of over 2600 requirements were examined in order to determine both the requirements quality and the functional size. The size estimates were [...]

Industry Paper At IWSM 2023

At the IWSM-Mensura Conference Rome 2023, Colin Hammond was asked to both review academic paper submissions and present his own peer-reviewed industry paper on the Symbiotic Relationship between Sizing and Requirements Quality , revealed through automated analysis.

Joint IT and Software Cost Forum

Colin Hammond has been asked on three occasions to present at the Joint IT and Software Cost Forum: 2019, 2021 and 2023.  This a conference that helps US Government departments responsible for investments in IT and software to pool best known ideas and techniques for improving cost estimation.  It's an invitation only event co-hosted by [...]

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