Perfecting the Login User Story

There is no such thing as a perfect a user story.  There is a spectrum from bad to good for against at least 10 criteria.  I investigate here a single user story relating to a common scenario - the login process. Authenticating with a software application, or logging in, is found in almost every software application.  It's such a common feature that most developers will reuse code to implement this functionality.  Yet how often do we think about re-using the requirement?  And how big and complicated is this functionality?  And what does it actually mean when we login?  In this article we will explore these [...]

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ScopeMaster announces a world first – functional test creation directly from requirements.

ScopeMaster announces a unique new capability - functional tests generated directly from requirements 30th July 2019,  Innovative software requirements analyser, ScopeMaster announces today that its software tool can now generate functional tests directly from written requirements - a world first. ScopeMaster is a tool for software teams, helping to solve the problems caused by inadequate work on requirements. It intelligently interprets written software story sets to identify potential problems, eliminate ambiguities and to estimate size. Now it can also generate a significant proportion of the essential positive and negative functional tests.  It does all of this in a matter of seconds, saving software teams significant time and money, leading to faster, better and significantly cheaper software. With [...]

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Bringing fun to writing better software requirements

16th July 2019, Marlow, England. ScopeMaster, the world's first analyser of software requirements adds features to make the work of software business analysts, product owners and development teams more enjoyable. We all know that writing good software requirements (and Agile user stories)  leads to better coding and shorter project timelines, but it's not that easy.  Writing good requirements is hard, painstaking and in some cases tedious work.   The folks at ScopeMaster have now managed to make this more fun with their latest release by introducing quality measures and goals so that the analyst can achieve good quality requirements every time. ScopeMaster uses artificial intelligence [...]

July 16th, 2019|Categories: Press Releases|

Government interest in automated functional sizing

June 17th 2019. We are delighted to have been invited to present the value and power of ScopeMaster at a forthcoming US government conference IT Cast to be attended by software acquisition specialists from a spectrum of government sector departments. The event takes place later this summer in Washington DC. ScopeMaster's unique ability to automate functional size estimation has caught the eye of government specialists who are challenged to achieve reliable estimation and fair cost of software acquisition.  We will be sharing the platform with global experts in software procurement and analysis as part of the move to agile software acquisition.  

June 17th, 2019|Categories: Press Releases|

ScopeMaster Finalist for Four Industry Awards

We are very proud to be shortlisted as finalist in four categories of this new industry award.  At the heart of ScopeMaster is Natural Language Processing, a branch of AI.  We are using NLP to solve the specific problem of poor quality software requirements.  And it works very well, successfully improving the quality and measurability of software requirements or user stories.  It's never been done before, and the benefits of using ScopeMaster early in a project are substantial. We, and our growing client base, are delighted with the value it is bringing to their software work.

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