Requirements Quality Assurance – Released by ScopeMaster

PRESS RELEASE Marlow, UK. November 28, 2022 Solving the Problem of Poor Software Requirements Scopemaster Ltd has released a powerful requirements QA capability in their software requirements analyser that examines, tests and reports on the quality of written requirements.  This unique capability allows software teams to fix problems before coding even starts.  It can help all software projects reduce the risks of delay and rework caused by unclear requirements specifications. Reducing risks on projects everywhere On all software projects, the requirements need to be right, or the wrong thing gets built.  But writing good, clear requirements is difficult.  The old phrase "garbage [...]

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ROI of 10x or more

ROI on Software Work Let us start by thinking critically about how a high ROI might be possible. Software work is knowledge work that has become essential to all businesses and governments, salaries are high and the work quality is variable. Businesses invest in IT (inc software) because they expect a high return on their investment. Working software can bring incredible value to a business and its customers. The benefit (return) of having and using the software far outweighs the cost of building and maintaining it. This is why we invest in software. What is Essential for any ROI from Software To [...]

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Example User Stories – Analysed and Tested

In this article we explore the results of using the user story analysis tool, ScopeMaster on an example set of user stories (access originals here). The stories we have used are published by Mike Cohn on the Mountain Goat website.  The stories describe the functions of an interactive website to be built. About the Example User Stories We have chosen these example user stories as they are freely available and provided by a reknowned expert and author of books on the subject of writing user stories. They are examples that anyone can download. (The PDF actually contains examples for three different projects). For [...]

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Backlog Grooming – automated with ScopeMaster

Backlog grooming, or backlog refinement is the work that is done to analyse and improve and estimate user stories, epics and technical tasks yet to be done by the team.  When a software team has a list of work to do, this is known as the backlog.  Backlog grooming is the work done by the team, ususally led by the business analyst or product owner to clarify each requirement that is about to be assigned to a sprint. Who performs Backlog Grooming At first pass this needs to be performed by the product owner or business analyst, thereafter the whole team needs to ensure [...]

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Software Project Waste and How to Reduce It

Software project waste is costing $1bn per day in companies and governments across the world doing work that is completely unnecessary. Every day software teams around the world are wasting 30- 60% of their of their time (and employer’s time and money) due to inefficient practices.  Most of this waste is avoidable. At any point in time, each member of the team may be doing useful work but, the work they are doing could have been avoided. In most cases managers are unaware that this is going on. This article takes a look at some of main causes of [...]

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ScopeMaster Approved by ESDC Canada

PRESS RELEASE Marlow, UK. July 12, 2022 Employment and Social Development Canada adopts ScopeMaster® for More Certain Digital Projects After a period of investigation and assessment,  the ESDC has now approved use of ScopeMaster® (intelligent requirements analyser) to help improve the quality and sizing of requirements for their digital portfolio. ESDC and The Need for Quality Requirements The ESDC has an extensive plan for the rollout of digital solutions and is turning to ScopeMaster® to help get their digital projects off to a healthy start.  Large digital/software projects need good quality requirements in order to be successful.  But establishing good clear requirements [...]

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