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Here are some of the many appearances, citations, ScopeMaster reviews and endorsements of ScopeMaster throughout the business and academic communities.

5 star reviews

Reviews by Professor of Software Engineering, Sylvie Trudel and James Walker Phd, CTO of Curiosity software have both used and given ScopeMaster 5 star reviews. Another unsolicited 5 star review.  This one by Thomas Naylor, Founder of Hifo More 5 star reviews, including one from [...]

Industry Paper At IWSM 2023

At the IWSM-Mensura Conference Rome 2023, Colin Hammond was asked to both review academic paper submissions and present his own peer-reviewed industry paper on the Symbiotic Relationship between Sizing and Requirements Quality , revealed through automated analysis.

Joint IT and Software Cost Forum

Colin Hammond has been asked on three occasions to present at the Joint IT and Software Cost Forum: 2019, 2021 and 2023.  This a conference that helps US Government departments responsible for investments in IT and software to pool best known ideas and techniques for improving cost estimation.  It's an invitation only event co-hosted by [...]

Award Winner at ICEAA

The International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association Conference in 2023 was attended by over 500 experts.  Colin Hammond was awarded a coveted best paper award for his submission which was reviewed by industry experts.  The paper was titled Symbiotic Relationship between Software Sizing and Requirements Quality.

Linkedin Summary of Discussion on COSMIC Function Points and ScopeMaster

Kirk Bryde, Agile Coach, Agile Consultant, and Sr Scrum Master compiled this objective review of COSMIC Function Points their use in Agile and the use of ScopeMaster to automate the sizing of backog items.  He also wrote his own article on Sizing and ScopeMaster that can be found here, entitled How would you rank CFPs, [...]

Gartner Points to ScopeMaster as a Leader

24th December 2020.  ScopeMaster is featured by Gartner in a research paper on emerging technology in AI-Augmented Software Development. In their recent research paper on AI-Augmented Software Development,  senior researchers Neil Barton and Arun Bachu, highlight ScopeMaster as a significant emerging technology that can help automate as much as 70% of software development work. "It (ScopeMaster) [...]

The ServerSide Article

How AI can help with requirements analysis tools This article was produced independently from an interview with one of our enthusiastic customers.

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