24th December 2020.  ScopeMaster is featured by Gartner in a research paper on emerging technology in AI-Augmented Software Development.

In their recent research paper on AI-Augmented Software Development,  senior researchers Neil Barton and Arun Bachu, highlight ScopeMaster as a significant emerging technology that can help automate as much as 70% of software development work.

“It (ScopeMaster) saves a product owner effort, and eliminates problems that can cause delays and rework during coding…”

The paper is available via the link above to all Gartner subscribers.

ScopeMaster is a tool that analyses the written text to help software requirements.   ScopeMaster performs the heavy lifting of the analytical work that is needed for good quality, sized requirements.  It works by analysing every word of each of user story in order to detect the functional intent.

ScopeMaster is unique, it:

  • analyses user stories for QA and sizing
  • finds user story defects before coding
  • handles user stories written in 4 different languages
  • detects 9 out of 10 defect categories
  • identifies potentially missing user stories.
  • estimates functional size in both COSMIC and IFPUG Function Points

And it does all this in a matter of seconds, saving software teams significant time and effort.