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ROI of 10x or more

ROI on Software Work Let us start by thinking critically about how a high ROI might be possible. Software work is knowledge work that has become essential to all businesses and governments, salaries are high and the work quality is variable. Businesses invest in IT (inc software) because they expect a high return on [...]

Software Project Waste and How to Reduce It

Software project waste is costing $1bn per day in companies and governments across the world doing work that is completely unnecessary. Every day software teams around the world are wasting 30- 60% of their of their time (and employer’s time and money) due to inefficient practices.  Most of this waste [...]

Planning Software Projects Successfully

We all aspire that our software projects are delivered on time and budget*.  Software is complex and unless we plan for success, it is unlikely to “just happen”.   When Planning Software Projects, fortunately we have the experience of past failures from which we can learn.  We should embrace the learnings from these mistakes [...]

Ron Jeffries Update on ScopeMaster and COSMIC Sizing

Ron Jeffries is one of the three founders of the Extreme Programming software development methodology circa 1996, along with Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham.  He is also a co-signatory of the Agile Manifesto.  A few weeks ago he set us a challenge to estimate some requirements for a game that he is working on.  We rose [...]

Ron Jeffries Estimation Challenge

Estimating Features for A Software Game Ron Jeffries posed a software estimation challenge to determine the likely effort required to deliver a forthcoming featureset of a game that he and his team are writing. I decided to take up this challenge and carry out a COSMIC sizing estimate, and perhaps in doing so, will turn [...]

Backlog refinement – automated

Backlog Refinement Backlog refinement is the activity of preparing work items for your software team to work on.  Your backlog of user stories, developer tasks and epic ideas is the queue of potential work items to work on in upcoming weeks (sprints).  To keep a steady flow of work for the team, a list of [...]

Review of COSMIC and ScopeMaster by Kirk Bryde

Following a long debate with over 200 participants on linkedin,  Kirk Bryde, published this useful summary about COSMIC sizing and the automation of requirements analysis by ScopeMaster®. This is a balanced summary of a discussion that was at sometimes heated and involved over 200 contributors. Read the article on Linkedin

Software IV & V

What is Software IV&V IV & V stands for Independent Validation and Verification. Software IV&V is work carried out by an independent organisation to check on the work of a software project. IV&V is a required stage on large US government software projects. Validation ensures the right software product is built, and verification ensures that it [...]

Software Measurement – an overview for CIOs

Software measurement is important because it is hard to manage what you don't measure.  Software work is knowledge work.  It is one of the costliest endeavours undertaken by mankind, with more than 50 million people across the world working in highly paid software roles, and for most of them, their efforts are unmeasured.  [...]

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