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Source of Software Defects

Expect 10-20x productivity gains in your QA work on user stories.

Normally it takes 4-5 hours effort to fix a requirements problem, with ScopeMaster we got this down to 10-15 minutes, it was also really productive and fun!

Lonnie Franks, Project Assurance

The Ultimate in “Shift Left Testing”.

Find requirements defects orders of magnitude faster (and sooner)

to find and fix a requirements defect (manually)
to find and fix requirements defect using ScopeMaster

Early defect discovery is an economically sound goal in any software project.  Average software projects find only 85% of all bugs.  Remember that 16-20% are from requirements themselves.   ScopeMaster will help improve these numbers on your projects.

of all defects come from requirements
Minimum benefit of finding major requirements defects before coding

Common Challenges Solved by Scopemaster

  • Long testing periods
  • Poor quality requirements
  • Scope creep
  • Poor development estimates
  • Late discovery of requirements
  • Failed Software Projects
Agile user story analysis and quality assurance
measuring software

Intelligent Language Processing

Using sophisticated layers of language analysis techniques, ScopeMaster interprets user stories and requirements and generates a comprehensive report of potential defects found, suggestions for improvements and estimates of functional size, development effort and costs.

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Automatic Defect Discovery.

Scopemaster uses AI to help identify requirements problems including:  ambiguities, complexities, omissions, duplicates and inconsistencies.  And it does all this  before any code is written.  This will save $ thousands by avoiding late security defect discovery.

Interpreting software requirements

Give it a try.

Simply import your requirements as CSV or TXT list and see the recommendations.

“Another benefit of your tool is that,  not only does it interpret the requirements but it actually writes the detail specifications, which can then be used as test cases”

Professor Alain Abran

“Your ability to size specific requirements and find problems are very powerful features that can move functional metrics into new and useful directions…I have never seen anything like this before”

Capers Jones, Author and Expert on Software Quality and Metrics


Taming software requirements and bringing certainty to software development.

Interpreting software requirements