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Case Studies

ScopeMaster Customer Successes.

Reliable automated estimation, early requirements quaity assurance, rapid project assessments, reduce transformation risks and better vendor management are some of the leading reasons why customers choose ScopeMaster to analyse, manage, refine software requirements.   Check out these case studies.

Digital Transformation Project Sizing and Assurance

Working closely with the Canadian Treasury's cost assurance department, we used ScopeMaster® to provide insight for their cost estimation and planning of a major HR applications consolidation programme. A backlog of over 2600 requirements were examined in order to determine both the requirements quality and the functional size. The size estimates were [...]

Digital Transformation Risks

Digital transformations, or large software projects have a reputation for exceeding their original budgets and schedules.  It turns out that they are almost never early and nearly always late.  A new study on project failures looks at a new set of projects data from a statistical perspective. It is essential to work proactively to reduce [...]

Case Study – Gaming Application

Listen to an extract of the interview with Lonnie Franks, Software Project Assurance Expert as he discusses his experience and delight from using ScopeMaster for the first time: "Using ScopeMaster, I fixed $200,000 worth of problems in about 16 Hours" "And the good thing was, ScopeMaster was easy and fun to use." I set [...]

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