Requirements Analysis Automated

ScopeMaster’s amazing power lies in its automated analysis engine that can analyse software requirements faster than any human. It has additional features to help you visualise, organise and refine your requirements efficiently.

Detects Functional Meaning of Each Requirement

ScopeMaster reads each requirement to detect the users, objects, functional meaning and data movements expressed within the text.  It provides an interpretation of the functional intent of each requirement.  This instantly improves the communication between author and developer, removing potential misunderstandings.

Analysing the functional steps of user stories
User Story Quality Test Results

Tests the Quality of Each Requirement

ScopeMaster®  runs 350 static tests and as many as 3000 dynamic test every time a requirement is changed.  It also generates a quality score and gives the user guidance on how to resolve each potential requirement problem.

Intelligent Features

The following features are 100% automated.




Additional Features

The following features allow you to do great requirements work


  • Custom Labels

  • Link requirements

  • Product Breakdown Structure

  • Map Stories to Capabilities


  • Full report

  • Class Diagram

  • Value Trace Report

  • Class Responsibility Cards

  • Track WSJF

  • Productivity Benchmarking

  • Additional reports


  • Synchronise with Jira

  • Synchronise with Azure DevOps

  • Rich REST API

  • Import/export Requirements

  • Export Test Scenarios

  • Export Data Dictionary


  • Share projects with team

  • Invite team members

  • Track usage

Other Languages

You can write  requirements in the following languages and ScopeMaster® will analyse them:

Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch as well as English

Automates Functional Sizing

ScopeMaster automatically estimates the functional size as you write the requirements.  It determines the size in ISO standard COSMIC Function Points (and estimates IFPUG function points too).  Detailed analysis breakdowns are provided.

Detailed Sizing Analysis
New about summary

Finds Inconsistencies, Duplicates and Missing Requirements

ScopeMaster creates a detailed analysis of a set of user stories .