Digital Transformation

when will it be finished?

You need to answer the questions: when will it be finished and how much will it cost? For these you need a consistent approach to estimation. This is where ScopeMaster excels. Using an AI model dedicated to the specific purpose,  it automates the bottom-up sizing of any software project or digital transformation using ISO standards so that you can answer those questions rapidly and with confidence.

A real experience on a large government digital transformation:

Requirements Analysed

Estimation accuracy and requirements quality are tightly coupled, ScopeMaster helps with both.

Rapid, Reliable Estimates



ScopeMaster performed a detailed requirements analysis and size estimate on 3000 requirements in just 2 hours.

2 hours

And a quality report too.

More than Just Estimates

De-risking the delivery.

The cost estimation team responsible for overseeing the costs or digital transformation projects for the government are using ScopeMaster successfully to predict and contain the costs.

If software cost estimation is a problem you are looking to solve, talk to us today.

If you are looking to take your project estimation to the next level, you can now seamlessly import the output of ScopeMaster into Galorath’s SEER for software.  or watch a video showing how to import size estimates from ScopeMaster into SEER