Using AI to improve software requirements

“A real game changer for large software projects”

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  • Write clearer user stories

  • Find defects early
  • Reduce Rework
  • Reduce Scope Churn
  • Improve Business – IT alignment
  • Shorten delivery schedules
  • Get dependable, automated estimates
  • Establish benchmarks

“A must for any self respecting CIO”

ScopeMaster helps you write better user stories, INVEST and requirements quality criteria

User Story Quality Assessment

We are so confident that ScopeMaster will help you improve the quality of your user stories that we are offering to assess one of your software projects for FREE.  We will provide you with a report that includes 10 specific recommendations at no cost to you – a value to you of over £1500.  So book your project in today for a free confidential user story quality assessment.

Focus on requirements

ScopeMaster® parses, interprets, analyses, tests, measures and then reports on the quality of user stories and written software requirements as if it was reading them like a person.   It does this to expose ambiguities, duplicates, omissions, inconsistencies and complexities.  ScopeMaster® estimates the functional size of the stories in function points.  It does all of this in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually.

ScopeMaster® will find and help you fix typically 30 – 60% of all requirements issues.   This represents 6-12% of all potential bugs.

“The Ultimate in shift-left testing”

Most software testing assumes that the requirements are correct. But wait! They’re not.  If your requirements volatility is causing rework, then you are wasting time and effort.


  1. Better quality user stories / requirements
  2. Reduced rework
  3. More productive requirements meetings
  4. Reduced scope creep
  5. Fewer change requests
  6. Shorter delivery schedules

Expect to achieve.

  1. Higher quality software
  2. Immediate benefits
  3. Minimal disruption to the team
  4. Encourages a quality-centric focus in your analysis team.
  5. Better cost and schedule estimates for your software development projects

Software quality needs to start with testing your requirements.   ScopeMaster®  performs static analysis on your requirements.

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Rapid Estimation

ScopeMaster® also analyses the user stories to measure functional size.  Functional size (COSMIC function points) is an ISO standard, it’s a technology independent measure that is proven to be the most valid measurement in the software industry.  Functional size is essential to estimate and manage a software project.   ScopeMaster is the first and only tool available for automated functional sizing based on written requirements or user stories.

What they are saying

This is of great potential benefit for the requirements community as well as the sizing community..  I share your excitement.

Professor Alain Abran, Department of software engineering and information technology - Ecole de technologie superieure - University of Québec (Canada)

I would be shocked if this didn’t improve development team productivity by at least 10%

Lonnie, Consultant Project Assurance

Its amazing that you have come up with the right set of functional requirements.

Professor Alain Abran, Department of software engineering and information technology - Ecole de technologie superieure - University of Québec (Canada)

Another benefit of your tool is that,  not only does it interpret the requirements but it actually writes the detail specifications, which can then be used as test cases.

Professor Alain Abran, Department of software engineering and information technology - Ecole de technologie superieure - University of Québec (Canada)

It is much harder to remove defects from requirements and design that it is from source code.  But if those defects are not removed prior to testing, testing itself cannot find them.

Capers Jones, The Economics of Software Quality

Scopemaster doesn’t just help find the requirements defects but helps educate authors to prevent them in future!

L Franks , An early beta user

incredibly useful and ridiculously fast

JF, CEO and President, Software Quality Organisation, USA

The main benefit (that I found with) ScopeMaster is fixing problems with minimal time and effort.  And the good thing was, ScopeMaster was easy and fun to use.

Lonnie Franks, Project Assurance Expert


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