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One-click backlog analysis

automated requirements analysis - with ScopeMaster

ScopeMaster is requirements magic

Analysis at Scale

For product owners and business analysts

Discover what your requirements are really saying.  Avoid potential misinterpretations.

“ScopeMaster is a game changer, it’s awesome, and I continue to be blown away by what it does. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I wish I’d had ScopeMaster 22 years ago”

Ian Londesbrough, Software Development Professional

Software scope described using a use case model diagram

Insightful Visualisations

Detailed requirements quality assessment

Tests the requirements

Requirements Tested

For product owners and B.A.s

Every word of every requirement is examined and tested against over 350 static rules for requirements quality.  This is static requirements analysis.  ScopeMaster then performs dynamic tests on each requirement to cross reference it against all others in the set. This level of scrutiny is very time consuming to perform manually and will save considerable time in refining a requirements backlog. 

Auto-generated Functional Tests

For Testers and Test Managers

ScopeMaster interprets the user stories and generates essential functional tests (as pseudo code)  instantly to supercharge your DevOps performance.

DevOps test scenarios autogenerated by ScopeMaster

Auto-generated Tests

Requirements Quality Report by ScopeMaster

Requirements Quality Assurance

Know your backlog quality

For Software Leaders and Test Managers

Discover the quality of your backlog.  ScopeMaster is a static analyser of software requirements, just like SonarQube or Codacy are for code.  Get your requirements into good shape before investing in coding.

Professional Software Sizing

For Software Leaders and Project Managers

Know the real functional size of your teams’ work in ISO standard functional size measurements.  Say goodbye to wasteful debates about story points or game-able estimates.  This is the key to answering the question “when will it be done?”

Detailed Sizing Analysis

Metrics for Software Professionals

The visualisations are incredibly powerful – brilliant!
Head of Change and Engagement, Power Company’s a game changer
Ian Londesbrough, Test Consultant

It’s quite amazing
Head of Delivery, IT Consultancy

Get these immediate benefits from automated requirements analysis:

Better User Stories

Fix problems before coding

Find, fix and Learn

Detects potential requirements problems and helps you fix them – before coding!

Instant Estimates

ISO standard sizing

Automated Sizing

Instant software estimates using ISO standard software size metrics, COSMIC and IFPUG

Auto Test Creation

Huge time-saver

Test generation

ScopeMaster will interpret your user stories and generate baseline functional test scripts that perfectly match the requirements.

  • Reduce rework by 20-50%

  • Shorten schedules by 5 -25%

  • Learn to write better requirements

  • Early, ungameable, consistent estimates

  • Ideal for benchmarking and contracts

  • Reduce development costs by 5-15%

  • Accelerate test creation

  • Generates 100% traceable tests 

  • Positive and negative test scenarios

How it works

ScopeMaster® is an intelligent tool for software requirements analysis.  It reads requirements text and performs time-consuming analysis work for you. It parses, interprets, tests, cross-references and even estimates users stories. It finds potential problems such as: ambiguities, duplicates, omissions, inconsistencies and complexities.  ScopeMaster® makes transparent use of Artificial Intelligence (NLP) to accelerate analysis whilst ensuring consistent results.

Static Requirements Analysis

ScopeMaster analyses requirements in a similar way that sonarQube and others analyse code.

See all the features

10x ROI in 2 months typically

ScopeMaster® will typically find, and help you fix, 30 – 60% of all requirements issues, many times faster than manual analysis. ScopeMaster® is also the first tool ever to automate functional sizing from requirements (both COSMIC Function Points and IFPUG FP). 

Works with your existing workflow

Built-in integration for popular tools such as Jira and Azure DevOps.  A REST API allows flexible integration with any tool.

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ScopeMaster - automated requirements analysis
  • Analyses Requirements

    240 words/min.

  • Tests Requirements for Quality

    20,000 tests/min

  • Automates Estimation

    Sizing in valid ISO standard metrics

  • Generates Test Scenarios

    100% Traceable

User story and backlog refinement accelerated with ScopeMaster, the ultimate in shift left testing
What they are saying

“An amazing tool which every organisation could benefit from.”

James Walker, CTO & Co-founder, Curiosity Software

“Also, we can cut our story estimating time down to a third, saving about 9 hours per sprint.”

Harry, Principal Software Consultant, UK

“This is ground-breaking, truly amazing”

Simon Clements, Bluefruit Software

“…incredibly useful and ridiculously fast”

Jeff, CEO , Software Quality Organisation, USA

“I would be shocked if this didn’t improve development team productivity by at least 10%”

Lonnie Franks, Project Assurance Expert

“…not only does it interpret the requirements but it actually writes the detail specifications, which can then be used as test cases”

Professor Alain Abran, University of Québec (Canada)

“Scopemaster doesn’t just help find the requirements defects but helps educate authors to prevent them in future!”

Lonnie Franks, Project Assurance Expert

“This is of great potential benefit for the requirements community as well as the sizing community.  I share your excitement.”

Professor Alain Abran, University of Québec (Canada)

“It is much harder to remove defects from requirements and design that it is from source code. Your tool does a great job!”

Capers Jones, Namcook Analytics LLC

“ScopeMaster is a really interesting tool that uses AI to help with software projects!”

Paul Boudreau, Author of Applying Artificial Intelligence to Project Management

“The main benefit (that I found with) ScopeMaster is fixing problems with minimal time and effort… and it was easy and fun to use.”

Lonnie Franks, Project Assurance Expert

“Unique and very impressive”

RF, BA lead at global charity

I think it’s amazing, it does so many things, it’s a great tool.

Linda Westfall

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“If you don’t get the requirements right, it doesn’t matter how well you execute the rest of the project”

Karl Wiegers

Avoid Project Failure

“35% of production defects are primarily caused by poor requirements”

*Aditi Kulkarni, Global Assets Engineering Lead, Accenture – Software Intelligence Conference 2021.

50% of these problems can be found instantly with ScopeMaster’s AI-powered requirements analysis tool.

Get your requirements right

Verify, validate and estimate faster and more thoroughly.

Suitable for any methodology including: Scrum, Kanban, XP, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), and Disciplined Agile  (DA)

“Automated requirements analysis with ScopeMaster …is like an MRI of software requirements, it helps us resolve ambiguities incredibly quickly”
US Govt Contractor.

Find and fix potential bugs in seconds

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