Everyone Benefits with ScopeMaster

Except those who shouldn’t.

Clearer, auto-sized requirements lead to better quality software delivered faster and with less rework

Organisations around the world waste over $500Bn p.a. on failed or inefficient software work. This is the problem that ScopeMaster® helps to solve.

Executive leaders CEO, CFO, CIO

You are fed up with delayed or failed software projects. Perhaps you have experienced projects that are late or over budget or both. It seems that bug fixing goes on forever, more time is needed to finish the project, and more money. 

You want:

  • More certainty of cost, schedule and quality
  • Get control of software costs
  • Shorter delivery schedules
  • Better cost and schedule estimates for your software projects
  • Minimal disruption to the team
  • Proven approach

You may also want:

  • A sound basis for measuring productivity of your software development activities
  • A means to encourage better quality requirements being provided to your development team.

Attention CIO, CFO, CEO – read our new article that sets out the benefits of sizing for CIOs.

Technology leaders Development Manager, Project Manager

You want:

  • to reduce rework
  • your teams to waste less time working with poor requirements
  • reduce scope creep and volatility
  • more certainty around scope, schedule and cost
  • give your teams tools to measure improvements in their activities
  • valid metrics for estimating schedule, cost, quality and team size
  • a good basis for contractual agreement on outsourced development
  • a means to ensure that you are being provided with higher quality requirements
  • tools that deliver instant value

Product Owner / Business Analyst

As the primary user of ScopeMaster, you want become a superstar in your field and:

  • to provide fantastic, unambiguous, robust requirements that align to business benefit
  • to take advantage of the best tooling available to do this
  • to have fun improving requirements quality

DevOps team

You want:

  • Clear, stable requirements
  • Waste less time on backlog refinement
  • Enjoy little or no disruption to the way you work

All this is achievable when you start to use ScopeMaster® for requirements analysis automation on your software project or digital transformation.