Everyone Benefits with ScopeMaster

Everyone involved in software development will enjoy having more certainty about what is to be done

You are fed up with delayed or failed software projects

You have experienced projects that are late or over budget or both.  And it keeps recurring.  It seems that bug fixing goes on forever.   What can you possibly do to ensure that projects will deliver on time every time?

You want:

  1. Better cost and schedule estimates for your software development projects
  2. Lower development costs
  3. Shorter delivery schedules
  4. Higher quality software delivered
  5. Minimal disruption to the team
  6. All this now!

You may also want:

  1. A sound basis for measuring productivity of your software development activities
  2. A means to encourage better quality requirements being provided to your development team

You want

  1. to provide more dependable estimates, quickly
  2. better metrics for estimating schedule, cost, quality and resources
  3. a means to ensure that you are being provided with higher quality requirements
  4. measure improvements in your teams activities
  5. to see better quality software being produced by your team
  6. to be able to compare your team’s activities against others

You want

  1. Better quality requirements / user stories
  2. Less scope creep
  3. Consistent metrics for managing your progress

You want:

  1. reliable estimates early from the dev team
  2. more certainty around scope, schedule and cost
  3. a good basis for contractual agreement on outsourced development
  4. solid metrics for monitoring and controlling quality and progress
  5. reduced scope creep
  6. and avoid rework

You want:

  1. To provide the best quality requirements that you can.
  2. Confidence in the quality of your requirements.
  3. Identify missing requirements easily and early.

You want

  1. Clearer requirements against which to test
  2. More stable requirements

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