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Lonnie discussing his experiences with ScopeMaster

Listen to an extract of the interview with Lonnie Franks, Software Project Assurance Expert as he discusses his experience and delight from using ScopeMaster for the first time:

“It was a slot machine application from a gaming company.”

Amount & Format of Requirements

“They had probably started with about 80 user stories, it wound up being 90 user stories by the time I was done.”

Poor Quality of Requirements

“I wanted to groom these requirements, fix any problems, looked at them, I didn’t much care for the requirements so I used ScopeMaster as a tool in part because, I think, people normally don’t spend enough money on requirements, they’ll spend about 3% of their project budget – should be spending about 10% – and because in agile development, a lot of times you get inconsistent requirements, there’s always a lot of rework, sometimes as much in fact frequently 45% rework.”

Lonnie explaining the benefits of finding and fixing problems in user stories early

150 Problems Found Automatically in 400 Function Points

“I had another person import the user stories into ScopeMaster for myself, took about 10 minutes, I’d spent 16 hours. The tool found the problems so it took minutes to find about 150 problems. I worked through each of the requirements fixing problems , added a few things because of missing requirements and wound up, it analysed it at 400 function points… ”


Fixed $200,000 Worth of Problems in 16 Hours

“..that would have cost about $400,000 to develop. Of course, with so many issues 150 issues it probably would have cost closer to $600,000 , should have cost about $400,000. Anyway it found all these things, I fixed them in 16 hours ,”


“it would have cost about $4,000 had I charged for it and on a $400,000 project budget that’s only 1/10th of 1 percent of your project budget, so if you can do things faster, cheaper and better, and so significantly better, that’s really important.”

Lonnie - using scopemaster was easy and funMain benefit of ScopeMaster is fixing problems with minimal time and effort

“And the good thing was, ScopeMaster was easy and fun to use.”


30th May, 2018








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