ScopeMaster Compared with Popular Requirements Tools

Discover the powerful automated analysis features of ScopeMaster, that make it the most effective tool for doing high quality requirements work.

ONLY ScopeMaster can do this:

ScopeMaster interprets each requirement to give you many benefits that no other requirements tool can do.

ScopeMaster is a tool for product owners that automates many of the tedious aspects of the role

ScopeMaster interprets each requirement so that you can see how other readers might also interpret or misinterpret it.

The entire website as a use case model diagram

ScopeMaster dynamically maintains a CRUD matrix for all the functions across an entire set of requirements.

ScopeMaster estimates functional size in ISO standards of COSMIC function points and IFPUG function points

ScopeMaster interprets the text of each requirement and maps this to an Object Class Diagram


ScopeMaster tests and scores the quality of each individual requirement and sets of requirements.

Mike Cohn's Example user stories analysed and tested by ScopeMaster - screenshot

ScopeMaster automatically generates tests for each requirement that are 100% traceable to the functionality described.

And automated tests scripts are generated, to accelerate DevOps continuous testing.

auto generated test script for the login user story

As of November 2023 Analysis, Sizing & Refinement Agile Tools Systems Engineering Tools Requirements NLP Sizing
ScopeMaster Jira Azure Devops JamaConnect IBM Doors QVScribe Modern Requirements with Azure
Essential Requirements ManagementCreate, edit, search, sort and label requirements
Epic – story heirarchy
Link requirements
Track changes
Automated Requirements QARequirements text is thoroughly tested for clarity and several other attributes
Consistency check
Sizeability check
Clarity check
User-oriented check
Conciseness check
Completeness check
Harmful wording check
Duplicate Detection
Automated Analysis support languages
English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
English only English only English only
Custom Taxonomy support
No setup, or pre-training
No setup, or pre-training
Automated Test Generation
lifting of automated sizing in IFPUG and Simple function Points
estimation of (CRUD) missing requirements
resizing after refinement
buried functionality (a common cause of missizing)
Auto-generated Functional Test Generation
Functionally traceable test scenarios are auto-generated to save your
testers time.
Auto-generated Use Case Model Diagrams
Insightful dynamically generated use case model diagrams bring visual
clarity to sets of requirements.
Auto-generated Class Diagram
Class diagrams help bridge the technical interpretation of functional
requirements, from product owner to designer.
Automated CRUD Analysis
Basic CRUD and user – oriented CRUD analysis matrices dynamically
Kanban Support
Customisable Kanban board for tracking status
via integration via integration
Integrate with other tools via a rich set of API functionality.
CFP and
SFP available through API
Issue tracking
For easy collaboration
Suitable for non-software work
2023 Competition

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