ScopeMaster vs Jira Software

Unlike Jira Software, ScopeMaster performs intelligent language analysis on your written software requirements (user stories) to help you to work with a clear and consistent goal.  Automated analysis by ScopeMaster leads to less rework and less waste, so that agile teams can ship value to customers faster.

Why choose ScopeMaster over Jira

See what makes ScopeMaster the #1 requirements analysis tool used by agile teams.




Essential Requirements Management

Create, edit, search, sort, label and link requirements.

Automated Requirements QA

Requirements text is thoroughly tested for clarity and 8 other attributes

Automated Requirements Sizing

Functional requirements are automatically sized in ISO standard COSMIC Function Points, to save your team time on estimation.


Automated traceability to verify consistency, test coverage, functional completeness

Auto-generated Test Generation

Test Scenarios are auto-generated to save your testers time.  All tests are 100% traceable to functional intent.

Auto-generated Use Case Model Diagrams

Insightful dynamically generated use case model diagrams bring visual clarity to sets o requirements.

Auto-generated Sequence Diagrams

Sequence diagrams help to expose how data moves.  Generated from the text of your user stories.

Auto-generated Class Diagram

Class diagrams help bridge the technical interpretation of functional requirements, from product owner to designer.

Out-of-the-box agile support

Support for Scrum, Kanban, and any framework in between.


Integrate with other tools via a rich set of API functionality.

Collaborate easily across cross-functional teams

Allow any team member to view or edit requirements, labelling or organisation of your user stories and keep track of updates.

Suitable for non-software work

not suitable for non-software work

If you are currently a user of Jira Software you can integrate via the REST APIs, keep your requirements in synch with with ScopeMaster and enjoy the strengths of both tools,  Jira for team collaboration and ScopeMaster for analysis, sizing, insight and test generation.  The table below highlights the key differences between ScopeMaster vs Jira.

For those who prefer to manage issues, Jira is a good choice, but those who prefer to avoid them altogether,  ScopeMaster is the tool.

Actually they both have a role in the modern software environment.  Jira excels at collaboration and bug tracking.