In Your Own Data Center

Or in your own private cloud

For circumstances where additional security is required and a cloud version is not viable, we now offer the magic of ScopeMaster as a self-managed server installation that requires no external access.  The ScopeMaster Server is installed as a docker image onto a local server, or a self-managed server in a private cloud.  The server needs to be accessible to internal users via a browser.

Your teams can benefit from the same features* of ScopeMaster Cloud but within the security of your own network.

*Supports English language user stories only.

Server pricing is based on number of users p.a.

For organisations in the aerospace and defence sector this is a great new opportunity.  Or perhaps your organisation welcomes the security characteristics of an on premise solution, the ScopeMaster Server may be right for you.  You can install ScopeMaster server on your own physical site or within your own private cloud.  You connect to it with a browser and no external access is required.  The ScopeMaster server is ideal for DoD or similar applications.  Currently only available for requirements written in English.

The software requirements analyser that will transform your IT Portfolio

ScopeMaster interprets each requirement to give you many benefits that no other requirements tool can do.

Automated requirements analysis, QA and sizing with ScopeMaster

ScopeMaster interprets each requirement so that you can see how other readers might also interpret or misinterpret it.

The entire website as a use case model diagram

ScopeMaster dynamically maintains a CRUD matrix for all the functions across an entire set of requirements.

ScopeMaster estimates functional size in ISO standards of COSMIC function points and IFPUG function points

ScopeMaster interprets the text of each requirement and maps this to an Object Class Diagram


ScopeMaster tests and scores the quality of each individual requirement and sets of requirements.

Mike Cohn's Example user stories analysed and tested by ScopeMaster - screenshot

ScopeMaster automatically generates tests for each requirement that are 100% traceable to the functionality described.

And automated tests scripts are generated, to accelerate DevOps continuous testing.

auto generated test script for the login user story