Pricing is based on consumption (a user story analysed). Only pay for what you use.  Buy bundles of credits as and when you need them to analyse your user stories.  Credits are shared across the users throughout an organisation. Different bundles can be combined and shared across an organisation.


user stories
  • 1 user
  • $400
  • Equivalent work done by ScopeMaster: $12k

Startup Bundle

user stories
  • up to 3 users
  • $3,500
  • Equivalent work done by ScopeMaster: $125k

Project Bundle

user stories
  • up to 10 users
  • $12,000
  • Equivalent work done by ScopeMaster: $500k

Programme Bundle

user stories
  • up to 50 users
  • $35,000
  • Equivalent work done by ScopeMaster: $2.5m

Portfolio Bundle

user stories
  • up to 150 users
  • $135,000
  • Equivalent work done by ScopeMaster: $7.5m

Note: You may edit a user story as many times as you like within 30 days for just 1 credit.  Bundles expire after 12 months. Different bundles may be combined.

Currency: Charges will be made in GBP based on live exchange rates.

Features Availability
High speed language analysis in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian & French) Included
Write user stories in German, Italian Beta
Pre-trained Included
Dynamically adjust for any phraseology or taxonomy Included
Automated User and Object Detection Included
Automated Use Case Diagrams Included
Requirements Quality
Automated quality control and quality scoring of user stories Included
Finds ambiguities Included
Finds duplicates Included
Finds missing requirements! Included
Finds inconsistencies Included
Tests for over 350 common requirements issues including security risks English only
Automated Sizing
Automated sizing in COSMIC Function Points Included
Automated estimates in IFPUG Function Points Included
Test Generation
Download test scenarios as CSV Included
Download test scenarios in HP ALM compatible format Included
Download in Xray format Included
Online Help Included
Comprehensive report on a set of user stories Included
Use Case Model Diagram, with filter by user Included
Class Diagram Suggestion Included
Basic Project Estimates Included
Import via CSV or enter stories individually Included
Export Stories, Test Scenarios and Data Dictionary via CSV or REST API Included
Directly synchronise with Jira Cloud Included
Directly synchronise with Azure DevOps Included
REST API Included
Securely hosted SaaS in Tier-1 environment Included, see details
Securely hosted SaaS in Tier-1 environment Included
Collaborate with colleagues -invite to share Included
Assign tags/labels to organise stories Included
Powerful search capability, great for impact analyses Included
Suggests missing stories Included
Optional Supplementary Tools
Value Tracing of User Stories to Business Outcomes Included
Manual recording of functional size counts in all leading functional size standards (COSMIC, IFPUG, NESMA, FFP v2 and v3). On request
Benchmarking of team performance, with “what-if” analysis On request
Professional Services
User Training On-request
Project Assurance Advice On-request
One-off assessment of a sets of requirements On-request