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Finding requirements defects

Without ScopeMaster, it typically takes 2 person hours of effort ($100) to find and fix a problem during the requirements stage.  The bigger the project, the harder it is to find and fix requirements problems.   ScopeMaster typically finds 1-3 genuine defects per user story in seconds, that’s $100 – $300 of manual work avoided.  Average $150 saving per user story.

Knowing the size

If you know the functional size of a software endeavour before you start, you can plan and manage more efficiently,  allocating just the right resources and time to get the software delivered.  Another way of looking at this is the ability to negotiate the cost of software effectively.  Just knowing the size at the proposal stage allows you to negotiate a fairer price for the development work (saving at least 10% , around $100 per CFP) or about $500 per story.  To be conservative however, we prefer  just $300 benefit per user story.

Others Benefits

Reduced rework

Typically a software project will spend as much as 40% of dev/test effort, reworking previously visited functionality due to requirements volatility.  Most of this is avoided if you use ScopeMaster up front.  Saving $thousands.

Avoiding costly change requests

There is a considerable burden to projects of introducing late breaking changes, using ScopeMaster is more likely to avoid the need for these.  Saving $thousands.

Reducing bugs that affect production

Typically 20% of all production bugs are due to poor or missing requirements.  A production bug typically costs many thousands to fix, and can have a wider impact on the reputation and success of the organisation.  Using ScopeMaster will reduce the likelihood of these reaching production, potentially saving $thousands

Reduce Cost of Measuring size

The typical cost to measure size functional size manually is about $10 per FP, or about $50 per requirement, with ScopeMaster you can do this so much faster, Typical saving is $40 per user story.


ScopeMaster Access

From $2 -$4 per user story.

Working with ScopeMaster

This is the effort expended by an analyst using ScopeMaster to get your requirements into shape.

Typically 30 minutes or  $25 per user story

Summary Benefits / Costs

Typically: ($450+ $100) / $27

It all adds up to a 20x return on investment.   And since ScopeMaster is so fast at analysing user stories, you get these benefits rapidly.  

Jira Plugin

$10per month
  • Sizing and Defect Counts
  • Jira based reports only
  • 100 stories


$200per user mo
  • Sizing and Defect Counts
  • Defect identification
  • 100 stories*
  • Many reports
  • Estimates

Analyst Plus

$1000per user mo
  • Sizing and Defect Counts
  • Defect identification
  • 700 stories*
  • Many reports
  • Estimates
  • Productivity benchmarking NEW
  • Value Traceability – beta


$5,000per user mo
  • Sizing and Defect Counts
  • Defect identification
  • 4000 stories*
  • Many reports
  • Estimates
  • Productivity benchmarking NEW
  • Value Traceability – beta

*The number of stories that can be added or edited per user per month.  There is no charge for retaining stories thereafter.  A story that is added and then edited many times within a month counts only as 1.  Additional analysis may be purchased at $2 per story.

If you haven’t done so already, visit our return on investment calculator.

Our Guarantee

If ScopeMaster does not find a valid defect in your first 20 user stories, we will let you use it for free for 6 months.

Free Trial

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