10th April 2024, ScopeMaster Ltd, UK announces one-click backlog analysis for software teams using Jira in a major update to the Story Analyser App for Jira

Now, with a single click, software backlogs in Jira Software can now be analysed, quality-checked and sized, saving teams weeks in effort and improved early analysis.

The Story Analyser uses AI to provide Jira Software teams with advanced analysis and insight into individual user stories and entire software backlogs effortlessly within Jira.  The Story Analyser is built on the same, award-winning, software requirements analysis engine that is used by the ScopeMaster Saas and ScopeMaster Server.  The Story Analyser App for Jira Software can be installed in minutes from the Atlassian Marketplace.

New with this release are two major leaps forward in the practical use of AI to help software teams become more productive.  Firstly, an entire backlog can be analysed with the click of a single button.  Clicking this button will trigger a series of 500-1000 checks on every user story and gives each story a quality grade and functional size estimate.  For a typical backlog of 100 user stories, the Story Analyser will perform 50,000 – 100,000 analysis steps  in just a few minutes, to reveal insight hitherto unavailable in Jira.

Also announced today within this release is the Auto-generated Use Case Model diagram.   This innovation helps teams visualise the meaning of a backlog and align development work to actual user needs more effectively, and faster.

Screenshot of the Story Analyser for Jira Use Case Model Diagram from ScopeMaster

The Benefits

StoryAnalyser will save your teams’ time and reduce waste by:

  • Instant insight into a backlog for improved thinking and planning.
  • Reduced time wasted discussing ambiguous user stories
  • Reduced time wasted discussing story points and t-shirt sizing

Total: expect to save at least 10% of a teams time by reducing these areas of waste.



From inside Jira, software teams can benefit from the analysis automation that will save time improving user story quality, automates estimation and gives greater insight into both individual and sets of user stories.

For each individual user story, the Story Analyser will:

  1. estimates the functional size (in ISO Cosmic Function Points).
  2. performs over 350 tests on each user story providing specific feedback and a quality grade
  3. generates suggested functional test scenarios

For each set of user stories it:

  1. automates Class and Method analysis
  2. automates Use Case Diagramming
  3. automates CRUD analysis, even showing missing functions.

The Story Analyser for Jira Software is only available to users of Jira Software Cloud edition.  It can be installed from the Atlassian Marketplace.   It currently only supports user stories written in English.  Learn more here.  https://www.scopemaster.com/story-analyser-for-jira/