Canadian Government turns to ScopeMaster for Improved requirements
Marlow, UK. July 12, 2022

Employment and Social Development Canada adopts ScopeMaster® for More Certain Digital Projects

After a period of investigation and assessment,  the ESDC has now approved use of ScopeMaster® (intelligent requirements analyser) to help improve the quality and sizing of requirements for their digital portfolio.

ESDC and The Need for Quality Requirements

The ESDC has an extensive plan for the rollout of digital solutions and is turning to ScopeMaster® to help get their digital projects off to a healthy start.  Large digital/software projects need good quality requirements in order to be successful.  But establishing good clear requirements is not easy.   If the requirements are incorrect or ambiguous, and readers don’t all share the same understanding, then mistakes will happen and projects can get into a big expensive mess very quickly.

AI-Powered Requirements Analysis – for accelerated quality and sizing

ScopeMaster is a ground-breaking, intelligent tool that helps software requirements analysts write better requirements.  ScopeMaster makes intelligent use of natural language processing (NLP) to interpret, test and analyse software requirements.  Analysts using ScopeMaster can do in a day, work that previously may have taken them weeks.  10x productivity increase in a few weeks is typical.

ScopeMaster helps business analysts achieve high levels of requirements quality faster than can be achieved manually.   ScopeMaster automatically tests the requirements, so that clear, concise, consistent and complete specifications can be created with much less effort and earlier in the software lifecycle.  This helps to reduce misunderstandings, reduce rework and reduce delays.  ScopeMaster also automates functional size measurement in COSMIC Function Points,  (and other sizing standards).   Knowing the functional size helps project leaders make better decisions earlier, further avoiding waste and improving project predictability.

Large Software Projects Need Better Requirements

Establishing a set of good quality requirements is difficult, slow work.   On many projects, frustration with poor requirements leads teams to build the wrong thing, only for it fail the customer and need to be redone.  Fixing software later is much more expensive that getting it right first time.

Large software projects are the most complex and most prone to getting in trouble.  ESDC has a portfolio of several large digital transformations and they are keen for them all to be successful.  ESDC is adopting ScopeMaster as a means of improving requirements quality (“shift-left”) to reduce risk around scope and clarity of scope.

Any mistake in interpreting/implementing a requirement, that is not spotted early, will carry a very large cost.  Even when implementing a package solution,  it is essential to get the requirements right. This is what the ESDC Canada is seeking to achieve with the help of ScopeMaster.

Unless the requirements are right, the wrong software solution is likely to be delivered.

About ESDC

The ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) is the department whose goal is to “improve the standard of living and quality of life for all Canadians.”  Digital transformation is a priority for ESDC, which is responsible for delivering more than $92 billion  ($120 billion Canadian dollars) in benefits to individuals and organisations across Canada.

About ScopeMaster

ScopeMaster is a revolutionary automated software requirements analysis tool. It solves the problem of poor software requirements.  It was created from the ground up by very experienced IT professionals in order to accelerate requirements analysis work (QA, sizing and test generation).  Scopemaster Ltd was established in 2018, is a private company based in the UK with clients and partners throughout the world.