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Hyperautomate your software requirements refinement with the award-winning requirements analyser for serious software professionals

The ScopeMaster® Requirements Analyser:
  • reads the requirement,
  • detects the functional intent,
  • detects ambiguities and 8 other defect types,
  • suggests improvements,
  • suggests missing requirements,
  • compares with other requirements,
  • determines functional size,
  • creates project estimates,
  • generates functional test scripts.

Save at least one hour per user story.

Achieve Extreme Productivity

Hyperautomation of software requirements work

ScopeMaster® requires no setup. Just import and click the analyse button.

Requirements Analyser

Hyperautomation deals with the application of advanced AI technologies to augment human activities and decision making in ways that are hard to do manually. Hyperautomation is #1 on Gartner’s top 10 Trends for 2020  and remains on the list for 2021 and 2022.
Requirement analysed and tested.

Automated Requirements Quality Testing

Our automated static and dynamic tests scrutinise your requirements as you write them giving you realtime advice and suggestions on how to improve your requirements quality. It’s like having experts reviewing all your requirements every time. In fact many of the tests we run are recommended by the world’s leading requirements engineering experts.

Ideal for Business Analysts, Product Owners, QA leads, Test Managers

Analysed Requirements - displayed as a use case model

Instant Insight

Software developers, product owners and business analysts can enjoy instant visibility into the size, complexity and cohesion of requirements. With ScopeMaster these powerful use case model diagrams are generated instantly, allowing you to visualise the meaning of your user stories in real time.

Ideal for Product Ownership, Development and Business Analysis.

ScopeMaster and Stage Gate Assessments Automated

Portfolio Requirements

Software managers can enjoy instant visibility and foresight into the quality and size of requirements.  With ScopeMaster, there is no reason to start a project with half-baked requirements.  Our unique quality score makes it easy to ensure your requirements are up to scratch.

Ideal for Business Analysts, Software managers, PMO leaders and project managers. 

Estimation Automated

ScopeMaster® performs fully automated analysis to detect the functional size from the text of the user stories.  This is known as automated functional sizing.  ScopeMaster® automatically determines functional size estimates in both of the leading ISO standards: COSMIC Function Points and IFPUG Function Points.

 If you know the size:

  • before the project –  you can plan effectively
  • during the project –  you can manage work efficiently
  • after the project  –  to benchmark your work, to improve planning on the next project

Ideal for Project Managers, Software Executives

Ditch Story Points

Automated function point counting

Start using valid, objective, universal metrics on your next Agile, Scrum, Scaled Agile, Disciplined Agile Delivery[email protected], or Nexus endeavour.

Requirements analysis - tagging and filtering screenshot

Easy and Fun to Use

Never before has the onerous work of writing good quality software requirements been so much fun. We have also tried to make it fun to achieve 100% score every time.

All the features

Incredible benefits from day 1 of using ScopeMaster


  1. Better quality user stories / requirements
  2. Better documentation
  3. More productive requirements meetings
  4. Monitor scope evolution
  5. Fewer change requests
  6. Less rework
  7. Shorter delivery schedule

Expect to achieve.

  1. Higher quality software
  2. Immediate benefits
  3. Minimal disruption to the team
  4. Encourages a quality-centric focus in your team.
  5. Better cost and schedule estimates for your software development projects

Requirements Analyser – QA automated

Boring stuff – made easier

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Write your user stories in any one of these languages and ScopeMaster will analyse them: detect users, detect objects, determine functional intent,  identify potential defects and estimate the functional size in COSMIC Function Points.

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