Function points – comparison

We take a look at the various ways to measure software size Software sizing is not easy, because there are hundreds of languages, architectures and techniques for writing it.  The industry has tried many different approaches over the years, but the most effective is an approach called functional sizing.   Knowing the size is generally most useful [...]

What are the root causes of software bugs

Where do Software Defects Originate? Defects in software are inevitable.  Finding them before users find them is the key to success.  Although the perception is that the defects are caused by faulty code, this is NOT necessarily so.  In fact more defects are caused by poor requirements, poor architecture or poor design than [...]

DevOps Extreme Left Testing – REST API

Monday 2nd December, 2019 ScopeMaster Ltd, Marlow UK announces the availability of a new REST API.  This represents a breakthrough for DevOps and Agile teams who appreciate the merit of early testing.  It is common practice these days for developers to test code early, but ScopeMaster takes this practice one step further by testing the requirements BEFORE [...]

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